Redline Motor Oil Drain Interval?

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Aug 2, 2002
I'm planning to use Redline 10W30 in my Integra GS-R for my next oil change. The problem is, I'm at a complete loss for drain intervals. I do like to run to redline, especially when I'm at college where my car is as much a tool for blowing off steam as it is a mode of transportation. I also autocross on occasion. Given those conditions, I am thinking 6-7K but I really have no baseline for comparison. I haven't turned up anything in forum search either. Your advise is much appreciated!
Your best bet is to go 3,000 and have Terry analyse it - you will then know if it is safe to go from there or not. Hopefully 6-7K will be fine on such expensive oil as Redline [Smile]
I agree with Dominic except that the first analysis could be stretched to 5k, Redline should easily last longer than this. The only way you should sample it at 3k is if you sample it without draining the oil. With such an expensive oil there is no need to drain it out at 3k, and it'll be far from used up at such a low interval.
I have used Red Line for years at extended drain intervals with no problems. In my air-cooled 911 I would go a whole season, 5000 to 7500 miles, without even considering a change. I've used Red Line's diesel oil in my diesel Jetta going with 10,000 to 12,000 mile change intervals-never with a hint of trouble. I think you are being conservative with your 5000 mle interval.
Hungry Joe, lot of good comments already posted. Red Line says their oils are good for 10,000-18,000 miles for a gas engine and 10,000-12,000 for diesels ... or one year, whichever comes first. However, when considering these kinds of intervals, it's best to do some testing to verify that the oil's still doing its job properly at 5,000+ miles. Be sure that TBN is still in the safe range, the oil hasn't oxidized and few contaminants (like silica/dirt or antifreeze) are making their way into your oil. Red Line's maximum recommended intervals are for cars in near-perfect condition. I went 7,200 miles on my '95 Honda Civic for the past two changes in a row using Red Line 10W30 and then 5W30 and my testing was just OK. You can see it in the oil analysis section on this site. My car has other "issues" I have to look into. [Roll Eyes] And, if you are at all anal retentive and like the inside of your motor to be super-duper clean, I don't think you'll be happy with any oil and extended intervals. They seem to leave a fair amount of light staining behind. [Razz] --- Bror Jace ””I was a patriot before being a patriot was cool.”” [Patriot]
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