Redline everywhere at 1002 miles new truck

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Aug 14, 2003
N.E. Ohio
Well...I took the plunge! Put Redline oil everywhere [Razz] in my 2003 2500HD. [Big Grin] I just clicked 1002 miles on the odometer. I will be sending the engine and trans fluid for regular checks and keep everyone posted on results. 5w-30 engine D4-ATF Allison 75w-90 Diff's I'm using wix filters and will be using redline grease for suspention components. I use my truck only on weekends for the most part(pull race cars to the track) so miles will come rather slow. 2003 Silverado 2500HD Ext. Cab 4x4 8.1L w/Allison trans 4.10 Locker ARE K Series Cap Rhino Liner Stainless Nerf Bars A work in progress!
[Welcome!] aboard! You will learn a ton on here! By the way does your 8.1 vortec have any piston slap/engine knock at all? My 2002 LS1 just got rebuilt because of it and my 2003 5.3 has a little for about 15 seconds at start up.
Chris, No piston slap here [Big Grin] ...8.1 is silent. Hope it is not a problem for this engine. Seems to be more of a new generation small block problem. My cousin bought a 2003 1500HD with the 6.0L I will have to listen for the problem on his truck and report back my observations on another post. [Wink] Patman and Chris...Thanks for the WELCOME makes ya feel more comfortable using the forum! [Cheers!]
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