Redline color???

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May 28, 2002
What color is Redline oil out of the bottle? Does it turn black like conventional oils? Does the darkening occur more or less at the same rate / mileage interval as conventional or other synthetic oils?
I'm not sure if I am remembering this correctly, but out of th bottle Red Line oil is an amber/red tinge. Same with MTL. ATF is red(duh). Gear oil is just amber.
After use, I think depends on the car. My car it is extremely dark very quickly. Probably partly from blow-by and I think my engine may still be a little dirty though too.
In the '01 GTP, it still looks almost like new after over 3k miles so far.

All oils turn dark, so I'm not sure what you meant by "dark like conventional oils". I guess if there was no blow-by or contaminants, conventional oil would darken before synthetic from oxidation, but that'd probably take a while.
It looks like a slightly darker version of M1 15w50 Supersyn. Turns black just like any other oil.

It removes the green color from the inside of your wallet in a hurry.


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What color is Redline oil out of the bottle?

i agree i use delvac 1 mix with redline diesel with a k&n filter and my fords the vic has 1100 miles on this oil changed and it still looks brand new same goes for my expy...i have found the perfect combination
I have used Red Line 10W30 for approx. 7800 miles now. I switched to RL @ 1000 miles then changed oil & filter @6000. The color is indeed a reddish amber. This is on a new engine so no blackening of the oil has taken place. The auto is a 2003 Corolla 1.8L 5 speed. I checked the oil level today and the color is the same as when it was poured in. The car has consumed zero measurable oil from mile one.....spooky, first time it's ever happened to me on a new engine.
The motor oil is almost clear with a slight reddish-orange tinge.

It stays clearer longer than any other oil I have used.

I will be running Redline 5W30 here shortly to see if the Nissan will show the same wear numbers as some of the other vehicles.
The reddish amber comments got me thinking. I'm I color blind? The 10w40 is definitely not reddish amber, its grey. I opened a bottle of 20w50 and checked it. Its reddish amber.

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No, maybe I'm color blind

The oil I was speaking to was Redlines 10W30, and the MTL gear lube. Both were reddish-orange or reddish-amber, not entirely sure.

As soon as my next batch comes in, I'll have another look-see!
looking at my Redline 5w-20 it looks pretty much like all other brownish coloured oil on the market, doesnt look any different. I havent looked at it in a glass, just a capfull.

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