Redline at Canadian Tire Stores

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Sep 13, 2003
Waterloo, ON
I was at a Canadian Tire store in Kitchener ON today and saw Redline 5W30 and 10W30, and also Water Wetter for sale. The 10W30 oil (CT part # 41-1724-4) was selling for $12.99 C$. It is not stocked in the oil area, but in the performance section. I asked the staff if they could order some MTL for me, but as usual they din't know anything. Prices seem to be based on a strait US exchange rate.
The Canuck tire store has Amsoil 2000 for $12.80/US Qt. On the container it states "for service applications"......and lists about 20 of them. There are no API or other marks such as the starburst design. For just over 1/4 of the price I can buy either Chevron or Petro Can 5W40, API certified CI-4/SL. On the same day I found several API certified SL/GF-3 for what worked out to around a buck a litre in US dollars, and one for 70 cents. For the price of one litre of the un-certified Amsoil product, I figured out that I could buy 12 litres of SL/GF-3 10w30, or about 3 litres of Mobil-1 15W50 that was on sale, or 4 1/2 litres of house brand synthetic. Canadian Tire also had Amsoil 2-stroke oil priced far above EG-D certified products. I would guess that people look at the price and assume that just because one product is 12 times or 4 times the cost of onother product, it must be that many times better. [Roll Eyes] [ October 26, 2003, 03:35 PM: Message edited by: userfriendly ]
The PC, Duron 5w-40 is a real bargin. ...I had some shipped down to Alabama so I could test it in my personal vehicles. The 5w-40 seems to shear a bit in some applications, but the wear results are excellent. I think you probably have to add a significant # of polymeric thickener to make the 5w-40 grade with the Group III basestock. The additive chemistry in the Series 2000 meets the much tougher, ACEA A3/B4 specifications, so I really don't care about the starburst not being on the label ... [Wink] Ted
Hey, $12.99CAN isn't a bad price! In speedshops around here, it's about $10US. Still pricey and I prefer to order from this site's sponsor [Wink] --- Bror Jace
Is ACEA a3 and B4 tougher specs than say Mack EO-N premium plus? The print-off sheet from Havoline I have here lists their 5W40 as A3/B4. Someone on this forum said that Havoline 5W40 could be found for $2.00/qt. Pet-Can Durons are group III/lubrizol designs, and have VIIs.
I was not suggesting that anyone go out and buy Redline oil; only making note of a new retailer for anyone who doesn't want to go the mail order route. I personally don't buy any oil that costs over $1.50 per liter. I would like to get three liters of Redline MTL for my 91 Explorer with a Mazda 5 speed transmission. It is getting hard to shift from all the years of ATF being used instead of as decent gear oil (my opinion) I was hoping I could order some MTL from Canadian Tire, but the people who work their didn't seem to give a **** ! [ October 26, 2003, 04:25 PM: Message edited by: Bluestream ]
Caterpillar TO-4s meet all your transmission needs at $1.50/litre, or you can get the new synthetic ones for about $3.50 CDN/L, and meet API GL-3 ZF, CD, Cat TO-2, TO-4, and Allison C2, and C-4. Most if not all HDMO 10W30s pass Allison C-4 and Cat TO-2 transmission specs. Most tractor fluids meet API GL-4 and are similar to ATFs, only heavier, about an SAE 20 or 5W30 usually. For a few bucks more you could try one of the HDMO 0W30s or 5W40s. HD truck synthetic 50 trans gear lubes are loaded with Barium to reduce gear traction and meet Eaton and Rockwell's 750,000 mile warranty requirement. 20 litre pails cost about $170.00 CDN. [ October 26, 2003, 04:50 PM: Message edited by: userfriendly ]
Originally posted by userfriendly: Caterpillar TO-4s meet all your transmission needs at $1.50/litre, or you can get the new synthetic ones for about $3.50 CDN/L. Most if not all HDMO 10W30s pass Allison C-4 transmission specs. For a few bucks more you could try one of the HDMO 0W30s or 5W40s. HD truck synthetic 50 trans gear lubes are loaded with Barium to reduce gear traction and meet Eaton and Rockwell's 750,000 mile warranty requirement. 20 litre pails cost about $170.00 CDN.
Userfriendly, the "HD truck synthetic 50 trans gear lubes" are they Caterpillar brand gear lubes? Is there a web site with dealer listings? Is TO-4s avaiable by the liter, or only the 20 liter pail?
Blue; The Finning places would have them, and maybe sell you a couple of litres from a pail in the service department. You could learn a lot about fluids, oils, and applications from a Finning Tractor repair shop or any bulk lubricant outlet. Pick up one or two oil company product hand books. There are a lot of cross-over industrial and commercial products that apply to automotive, racing and motorcycle applications. Money is made by the little guys putting those products into 500 ML packages. Cat brand lubricants are likely blended by either Shell, Esso/Exxon, or Pet-Can, all of which have their own labels. The CD 50s are non-active gear oils, which mean they do not contain the pungent smelling active sulphur/phros EP additives, and are yellow metal compatable. [ October 26, 2003, 05:06 PM: Message edited by: userfriendly ]
Userfriendly, If you want a Mack EON+ oil, I'd suggest the Amsoil HD diesel and marine engine oil. It will hold up better than just about anything out there. The only other synthetic diesel oil I've seen that's comparable is Delvac 1. There is a recent oil analysis posted for a 24 valve Cummins diesel running the Amsoil 15w-40. The stuff holds up like a rock .... Tooslick
Thanks Tooslick; My friend owns a small truckin' company with 5 KW loggers, (his brother a big Un with about 50 mixed fleet flat deck lumber wagons). Every year he drops the 5 year old tractor and buys a new one at a cost of $100,000+ in USD. His used trucks do not last long at the KW dealership. The only engine trouble I have ever heard of him having was running out of fuel, and once I stopped to help one of his drivers put a 5" turbo hose back on that had blown off. There are sure a lot of blue oil drums around their shared service compound that say Delo on them.
I'm shocked CT is selling Redline so cheap, as I had asked my local CT store for a price on Redline about six months ago, if they ordered it from their Keystone catalog (since they don't keep it in stock) and the price was very high, over $20 per quart, and they only sold it by the case. Royal Purple was also around the same price if I recall correctly.
The Keystone catalogue has "almost" everything. I paid $18/l for Redline 30wt for my garden tractor, but I only needed 2 litres. Redline is widely avaialble at Pacific Mall in the various performance stores. The mall is @ Kennedy and Steeles (in Markham). They have MTL and MT-90 as well. It will cost you $18/litre unless you are a good negotiator and bring someone along that can speak Cantonese. While you are there, you can purchase spoilers that are as big as your car and fancy lights that glow underneath your car. All you need is to saw off your muffler and you are ready for "Fast and the Furious". I love those guys that buy a 17K Civic and then put another $20K to make engine modifications, suspension mods, change final drive ratios, add Nitrous Oxide capability, install a million computers...I live by a guy who has spend $27K on his 91 RX-7 but it now puts out just over 400hp at the wheels. Of course, one speed bump and it is all over for that car (2 inches off ground).
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