RedLine 75W80 In The Mazda

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MolaKule: Where did I write that ? I'm not for additives that defeat additives in anything - Just asked about a Redline sub for synchromesh in transfer case - then found it via Google - got some on eBay ... no plans for additives...
My response was directed to SF0059 and I was simply adding my comments to yours. cool
Ok - only they are not my comments - but I did steal your cheese and bacon line today !!! wink
Update for those interested: I now have about 2k miles on the MTF change. The entire transmission has smoothed out significantly. 2nd gear was the main culprit and it is now smooth as butter. It has improved my shifting from a stop since before the change I hand to shift into 2nd extremely slowly. Now I can shift quickly with no trouble. I plan to change this again in about 20-30k and I'll take a UOA to post up here.
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I would have considered Amsoil if they made a 75w80. For the time being I want to stick with warranty spec.
The Amsoil 75w80 MTF product is: Synthetic Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid (MTF) Very similar in spec to Redline MTL but with significantly better flow at -40C.
Good to know, some how I missed that. Maybe I'll give that a whirl next time. At the rate I drive the car I'll have 30k on this gear oil about a year from now, so I'll keep it in mind!
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