Redline 5W40 @ -18

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May 1, 2003
Well this morning after cold soaking the oil in Michigans -18 weather she started up with ease. I can tell it was starting to thicken up a bit. She did turn over just slightly slower then she normaly does. This oil is 5000 miles into it's 7500 mile OCI! No start up noise at all and smooth as a babys butt!
John when do you plan on taking a sample? Also, has your consumption gone down? My car drank RL for some reason. No other oil except M1 0w-30 was as bad. It's funny how certain oils in certain cars just don't work as well although in my case I think it's from switching all the time.
Thanks, that's good to know. I'm currently about 2,000 miles into a 6,000 mile interval of GC and I'm itching to try RL 5W-30 in my car. The GC is fine, mind you, just getting bored and wanna see for myself what this $7/qt oil is all about! [Wink]
buster I am going to run it right up to Toyotas recomended 7500 or 5-6 month OCI! I am going to use the winter UOA as a baseline. The summer one will be for a trophy!!! I have been abuseing it a bit lately. It has not consumed any oil at all since it consumed that 1/3 of quart. It consumed 1/3 of a quart the first 2000 miles into the OCI and has not used any since! I figure it was because it was the first OCI with synthetic oil! So far 1/3 of a quart for 5000 miles of use is not bad! After my spring, Summer, Fall OCI is over I am going to repeat this same procedure with Delvac-1. After I am done with the D1 I am not sure what oil I will try next. I am thinking about trying the old standy by of M1 15W50 in the warm months and M1 10W30 or M1R for winter! It would be nice to show off what my old stand by can do! [Off Topic!] BUster what are your plans? I am guessing M1R right away. I would like to see if 15W50+LC would solve your consuption issues!
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