Redline 5w30 in a 5.0 mustang?

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Jun 12, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My buddy just sold his car. He always used redline 5w30. He had 4 quarts leftover and he gave them to me. Now the question is can i use this oil in my 1989 Ford Mustang lx 5.0 with 140,000 kilometers. Keep in mind i drive the car extreamly hard. Thanks in advance.
Don't know much about Mustangs but Redline is considered to be the best high performance oil available. You should thank your friend for leaving you such great oil. The 5w-30 would be a little thin for a V8 where it not redline. Should be great because it is redline.
I would do a search for red line here and find out a little more about Red Line. No question the oil is good stuff, but considering the age of your motor and the weight of the oil I would have second thoughts.
Redline 5w30 should work out very well in that engine, run it without any worries at all! Keep in mind that even though Redline 5w30 might be on the middle to thin side of the 30wt range, it's HTHS is similar to a 10w40 oil.
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