Redline 5W30 and fuel economy

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Dec 9, 2002
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Howdy, Just got back from a trip to beautiful Bellingham Wa. As of now, I've set a new personal fuel economy record: 40.76 MPG. My previous best was 39.86 whilst using Amsoil 0W30. I'll mention that I've tried to beat this record on several occasions but couldn't until now with Redline. I'm not going to go as far as saying that Redline increases fuel econ, but I thought the board would like to know.
I personally think there is no real difference. A 1-MPG difference could be attributed to almost anything.....road conditions, traffic, temperature, humidity, alignment of the planets etc.
For sure that wasn't the oil. Heck, air temp can effect MPG more than that. But: 1) That is great gas mileage!!! 2) You came to Bellingham and you didn't at least ring my cell # (it's on my website via the site sponsors link)!!!
I tend to agree with Pablo but and statistically this increase may not hold water considering other variables as Pablo has suggested. But I'm sure you were very careful in your test and the fact that you didn't come on and say "I got 4 mpg better with Redline" means something. Good information-thanks for sharing. What are the details on the vehicle?
Folks, The vehicle details: 93 Saturn SL 1, 1.9l engine. K&N air filter, Supertech 3614 oil filter, Redline ATF in transmission. I use REdline fuel system cleaner on a regular basis along with cruise control on longer road trips. I'll also be trying Fuel Power and Gas Extreme when I can gets my hands on them. Thanks for the replies(:
Scotto, That's very good mileage especially with a mid sized car. I have a 91 civic hatchback that will do that but it is a very small car. I had a 82 civic that would do even better; I never should have gotten rid of it. Seems like these newer cars should be getting better mileage. What speeds were you doing? I can get very good mileage if I can keep the speed down to 55 but the mileage sure goes down as the speed goes up.
Sprintman, Where can I find the first product you mentioned? Thankyou, Scott White, I avereaged about 70 mph, with cruise control, for the entire trip. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head with the newer cars and gas mileage. I scratch my head over that one all the time.
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