Redline 15w-40?

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May 11, 2004
Anyone here try Redline's 15w-40? I'm wondering if i should try their 5w-40 or 15w-40... they are sooo similar in viscosities at 40 and 100 degrees... 5w-40 15w-40 10w-40 @40 94 97 96 @100 15.1 14.5 14.6 I noticed that on Redline's pdf it says the 15w-40 is "diesel only" Anyone have any advice?
If the 15w40 says diesel only then I would only run it in a diesel. They have a 10w40 too, which might be the best route for you. I think most, if not all their oils are made without viscosity index improvers, but you can call and ask them. Possibly a 5w40 has a bit of VIIs.
THe 5W40 has viscosity improvers in it. It has about the same amount of viscosity improvers as a conventional 5W30 has. This is the only down side so far their 5W40. It has performed great in every aplication that it has been used in so far though. If cold pump,crankand flow numbers are not important wich they should not be this time of year I would use their 10W40!
The 15W-40 caught my eye because being aimed towards diesels it should have lots of cleaning agents and should have a good TBN and be good for long intervals....
Have you considered Schaeffer's 15w40 blend? There is a UOA on here in an LT1 Firebird using this oil and it looks very good.
Hey Patman, I actually havent given blends as much attentions as i probably should. I'll check out the UOA. I don't have a local place offering Schaeffer's, but I'm sure I can find some online. Gotta make a decision soon, going to dump the M1 SUV oil out soon and send some in for a UOA so I can have something to compare my next UOA to.... thanks for the suggestion on Schaeffers.
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