Recycled oil costs

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Jan 29, 2006
I don't know where to put this subject, but does anyone know if retailers are charged or paid for used oil pickup? If they are charged, then I am going to start returning all of my used oil to WalMart. If they are paid, then I will return it to the smallest retailer that I can find. If the cost/profit is a wash, then I will deposite used oil based on convenience.
One of the guys at the O'Reillys where I drop off my used oil that me that they pay to have their used oil picked up. He didn't say how much.
Here in Canada, the retailers are charged. Actually, I believe the manufacturers are charged, so they charge the retailers, then *they* charge the customer to cover their recycling cost. You pay an "eco-fee" when you buy oil or filters.
Local mechanics have gone from waste oil heated garages to natural gas radiators.

Maybe that syas something.
Twenty years ago I asked this question of the corner gas station where they let me dump used oil. They said it depends on the price of gas. If it's high, they get paid for the oil. If it's low, they have to pay for pickup. Gas prices were all over the place back then, as they are now.
Speaking of waste oil heaters, Virginia will give you a tax credit equal to 1/2 of the purchase price of a waste oil heater if you agree to accept oil from the general public.

Too bad they don't make them for residential use
Have been paid as much as $ .40 gal. Have paid as much as $ .50 gal. Right now I'm getting it hauled by Safety Kleen at no cost either way. Over the years (30) I've paid a lot more than I've collected.

This topic was discussed earlier this week (I think). Used oil is directly related to crude, since most is recycled into heating fuel, as used in home units. When crude is up re-refining used becomes more profitable so demand increases.

Mine is a low volume shop with other services than oil changes, but if accepting an extra few gallons of used oil from DIY'ers ever affected my profit margins one way or the other, I'd need to find a new enterprise!

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