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Jun 23, 2004
Washington D.C.
hello everyone. just recently joined the site after lurking for a couple weeks. who knew oil was such an involved science? i have two cars '01 bmw x5 65k and a '97 MB C280 91k. i just order the Auto Rx. i just purchased the BMW. the oil does not look like it has been changed in quite some time (almost black). just had to add 2 quarts the other day because the oil light came on. should i change the oil before the Rx application since it recommends the oil have 1500 miles sevice life? and after the applications which oil should i use? i have done searches on different oils and GC and M1 seem to be highly recommended. but which weight? i live in D.C. so the summers are hot and the winters are cold. any help would be appreciated. also i am thinking of using the LC and FC also. thanks.
Jamesp. The BMW requires synthetic
A3 rated oil. In my case, I mix 4 litres of
10w30 or 5w30(winter) with 2 litres of 15w50
mobil 1 to give me a thicker viscosity. I
cannot find mobil 1 0w40 here in Canada which
I would use. You can use BMW's own oil (5w30)
which is A3 rated. If I were living in the
, I would buy the Mobil 1 0w40.
thanks 2KBMW. sorry you are unable to get the M1 0-40 there in Canada. can anyone ship it to you? it is available here at AutoZone $4 (US) a quart. i may try the GC if i can find it if not i will run the M1 0-40.
James, Autozone usually has GC, if not they can get it for you. Just remember, AutoRx should be used with dino only for best results.

I would definitely go ahead and change it now.
We can get Mobil 1 0w40 up here, Noco in Toronto sells it, and I'm pretty sure it could be special ordered through any Canadian Tire store if you asked at the parts counter.
JustinH. I'll be in your city on Saturday.
I'll have about 3to4 hours waiting for my
daughter to write this gov. exam. Is there
any auto/Walmart stores in the Main Street
area? I think it's near the Univ.of Buffalo.
Jamesp. I should of thought about checking
in the U.S. I live in a boarder city.

I did a location search on Auto Zone and
found out there is one only a few miles from
my house in Niagara Falls NY.

On Saturday, I'll be in Buffalo and I might
even check there to.
thanks guys. is the GC a good year round oil? or is a different weight better for summer or winter.

haley10, i will go to Autozone this weekend and check on the GC.

2KBMW, glad you can get some M1. does your car seem to run good on the M1? do you use it year round?
Jamesp. Yes my car runs great. I had
Castrol Syntec last year. I don't see any differance. I don't have a oil consumption
or noise problem so it's hard to judge.
I just bought a case of our Petro Canada
Duron synthetic 5w40 oil for a great price.
I know it's a GRP III oil but this oil is
supposed to be very good. It's even used
by some of the American brothers on this
forum. I'll try it before I get any Mobil
0w40 in the U.S.
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