Recommended oil for a 1998 Escort w/ 61k

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Jul 4, 2003
Kansas City
I have a 1998 Ford Escort SOHC that has been run mostly on whatever Jiffy Lube adds (though had a brief shining moment with Amsoil 5w-30). It is currently doing a Auto-RX treatment with SuperTech 10w-30 Syn Blend.

After that is done, I plan on running Mobil Drive Clean 5w-30 to complete the treatment.

My head is swimming from all the suggestions here, but I am curious - any recommendations for an oil to use after that? I plan on keeping this car for sometime, and want to keep it in the best shape possible.
I'd go with Pennzoil in your case. Good oil and doesn't cost much. For syn lubes, Mobil 1, Amsoil would be better for longer drains. How often do you want to change it?

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I would like to change it only as often as necessary.

The car recommends 5w-30 or 10w-30, but it seems that 10w-30 is advertised for older cars while 5w-30 for newer. 5w-30 okay? Any thoughts on 0w-30?

Tried M1 0W-30 in my Taurus with 3.OL V-6 and 75K miles over an 18 month oil use between changes with ~3500 mile intervals...I think Minneapolis would suit that oil just fine...BUT...Now that we can get it (sort of) I would try the German Castrol 0W-30 (I got some for my now 100K+ mile Taurus). I have seen and heard good things about the Amsoil Series 2000 0W-30 as well.

Let me address your last post. IF you are interested in going the synthetic route (and I think Minneapolis is an ideal environment for doing so) I would try the 0W-30. I used it over an 18 month period in a 95 Ford Taurus 3.0L with 75K that was using about .5 quart every 4-5K. Using 3600 mile intervals (that's just me, I'm sure you could go longer with confidence) I had no problems...and in fact, I don't believe I had to add any oil BTW changes. (I did not do UOAs so I can't give you that level of insight.) Now if you like trying the "new" stuff, you might look at the German (and only the German) Castrol 0W-30. I have some for my now 100K Taurus and I expect good (hopefully great) results. I have also seen good UOAs with the Amsoil 0W-30 but I would not use it unless you were committed to longer change intervals guided by UOAs, 'cause it does cost more.
I just noticed your in Minnesota. I'd run 5w or 0w-30 in the winter, and 10w-30 in the summer. Sounds like your interested in extended drains. For that, try Amsoil or Mobil 1. Run some Auto Rx in it first, then run the synthetic. How many miles per year are you driving?
Manual recommends 5w-30 and 10w-30.

This car is only driven about 15 miles a day - to / from work.

I was looking at Amsoil 0w-30 since it is only like $30.00 for enough for an oil change...not too bad (considering a "Synthetic" change at Valvoline costs much more than that).

Where does one get Castrol Syntec 0w-30 in Minneapolis?
I am currently in an Auto-RX treatment - so no problems there....

Only problem is, after the Auto-Rx treatment, Frank told me a good regular oil should be used to finish the cleaning (well, need not be dino). I have some Mobil Drive Clean 5w-30 for this purpose. Based on mileage - it will be next year before an oil change is needed.

Unless I just change it for fun in October...
I have a '97 Escort wagon with the same engine as yours, but mine has 220,000 miles (90% highway) on it. Anyone who follows my pathetic posts knows that I'm sold on Red Line and have used its 10W30 for over 100,000 miles. But my engine uses no oil, and before the switch I was changing oil and filter every 3,000 miles (now 6,000, with a filter change alone still every 3K).

Does your engine use (I mean burn) any oil? If it's a significant amount, I'd stay with a good dino. Otherwise, try Red Line.
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