Recommendations Sought for Transmission Fluid

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Aug 22, 2002
Kansas City
My wife's '99 Odyssey (3.5 engine) has 85,000 miles. I haven't changed the transmission oil & filter, but am thinking of having it done by trusted local garage because dealers want about double the price & I don't wanna mess with this doing this job. At any rate, anybody have any experience with this tranmission and what is the best fluid and or filter for it? The current oil still looks great, no bubbles. I know little about transmission oils Thanks, -Doug-
Well, going by spec sheets Pennzoil Mercon/Dextron III looks outstanding. The pour point is even better than Mobil 1 full synthetic ATF. I just bought 2 quarts of the Pennzoil stuff so I can drain/refill my Transfer case on the Explorer before winter. Was only $1.89/quart at Target. [Cool] Mobil 1 ATF is good, but expensive. Around $5-$7/quart depending where you buy it. Doug, it's me Showroom. Good to see you over here buddy. [Cheers!]
Doug, Does your owner's manual specify only Honda ATF? if so, stick with Honda's stuff. A few manufacturers do use a unique mixture, and I think Honda is one. Ken
Ken is correct ....the Honda ATF is not a Dexron III or Mercon fluid, so you need to use the factory fluid. On older Hondas that call for a Dexron II fluid, the Amsoil or Mobil 1 ATF works fine. TooSlick
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