Recommend me a Oil Lab

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
Just changed the oil and it seemed a bit thicker than normal - having less than 6K miles on it - BMW M2 engine (V8) GC. At 65K on it, it has had it fair share of oils...redline, GC, RLI 5W40HD and now back at GC. Not looking for a deep thorough interpretation ....just a quckie sample I plan to pull in 3K miles from this current OCI. Let me hear what labs you guys recommend. It's been awhile. I've used Blackstone, TD as well as Butler Labs. My last UOA was 10-15K miles back....
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Toromont/Catapillar labs offer really cheap UOA kits, but the basic ones don't test all elements....
I just got my first results back from Wearcheck. You get a lot of info for the money, plus they set you up on their website where you can do all sorts of trending/charting analysis once you collect a few samples.
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