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Mar 8, 2003
Ok I did a search on 10w40 oil and didn't find much on 10w40 weight, which is what I used when I changed my oil for the first time yesterday. I drive a 95 Tacoma 4x4 with the 3.0 v6. I bought the truck last friday and it has 133k miles on it. I put a fram filter on this time but I am going to start using OEM filters from now on I think. Any suggestions what weight and brand I should use? I should also add that the 10w40 I am using is Castrol Syntec (in the black bottle)

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Also, the factory manual said that it would hold 4.5 quarts, but when I put 4.5 quarts in, warmed the engine up to temp and checked the oil it was still below the low line. I had to put the last half quart in to get it in the normal range. I did spill a little bit and some was still in the bottles but I doubt that it would add up to more than 1/10 of a quart. One of you oil gurus will have an answer I hope.
Hi Mech,
I have a '93 3.0 x-cab. Is there a reason you chose 10w40 over the factory recommended 10w30? Good thinking to switch to OEM filter over Fram. You can get them cheaply @ cheaper OEM parts . Castrol Syntec has a bad reputation here. If you choose dino oil: Chevron, Pennzoil, Castrol GTX. Blended oil :Schaeffers.
Fully synthetic: Mobil1, Redline, Royal Purple, Amsoil.
Putting in 5 full qrts is ok. Its never gone over the full mark when done to my truck.
Syntec's bad reputation has come grom people being upset at them for marketing a group III oil as synthetic. Which now about 90% of synthetic oils are group III. Syntec is not a bad oil, and in my opinion is probably the best of the group III OTC oils available. I have yet to see a bad report using syntec, I have seen some good ones, but there really hasnt been enough people using it to tell for sure on this board. I am in the middle of a run on Castrol syntec 5w50 I will post my results when I am finished. But I would not worry about using sytec, it is a good oil which will be better than any dino available, you just have to decide if it is worth 4X the price.
Keep in mind that 10w40 Syntec is at the very low end of the 40wt range, so it's almost a 10w30 anyways. And given the nature of Syntec, it'll thin out quickly, just like their 5w30 and even 10w30 have done in UOAs I've seen.
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