Reclaimed lube oil


Sep 25, 2021
Wasn't sure where to post this topic but I thought it might be something you all might be interested in.

I built a system that "re refines" or "reclaims" lube oil from an industrial waste stream. The raw product going into the system is 150 conventional lube oil that is emulsified with water. The system generates around 1,000gal/day of reclaimed oil with water content under 2%.

I'm marketing this oil primarily as waste oil currently but I'd like to come up with something that is higher value. I don't mind upgrading to some type of a vacuum dehydration system to achieve this. My thought would be to market it as group 1 base oil? Maybe I could blend bar & chain oil by adding a tackifier? My preference would be to partner with a manufacturer/distributor.

I'm wondering what you guys think? Are there some other markets you would be looking into? I have some analysis reports if interested.

Thanks in advance.
I think you need to get down to ? <1000 ppm water to make any kinda lube also what is acid number?
I'm not sure on the spec for water content but I bet you are right. I'm looking into vaccum dehydration to achieve a lower water content.
Ph- 6.0
Viscosity- 321 CPS "Brookfield"
BTU/gal- 142,861