received my new tire gauge.

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Aug 30, 2005
Union County, NJ
Just got my new tire Gauge from Griot's Garage and I have to say I am disappointed. The locking chuck doesn't sit flush and starts bleeding out air from the tire, now you don't know exactly how much air you had in the tire to begin. Then after if you want to reduce air in the tire,it's got a bleeder valve, you have to press a reset button, because it's digital, and it fails to give you a new reading. You have to disconnect the chuck and then put it back on, now you start bleeding air trying to put it on the stem, then trying to reset it. I'm going back to my old Brookstone analog gauge.
More than 20 years ago(maybe more than 25 years!), I thought $5 was pretty expensive for a Milton shirt-pocket pencil-type air gauge. But it seemed well made, worked well & gave consistent readings, & so when I "lost" it a couple of years later, bought another just like it. Of course, the "lost" one then turned up a few weeks later. So I now have 2 identical Milton gauges, & have had for about 20 years. Both still work just fine, and are still very consistent. One has always read 1 psi different than the other one, but don't consider that a big deal, since I don't "mix" them. Jim's Auto Parts still sells them, & the price hasn't gone up *nearly* as much as almost everything else in the past 20+ years. There's a lot to be said for simplicity & quality. Though I *do* look at the digital tire gauges sometimes! [Big Grin]
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