Recall on Napa Proselect 21334 - Premium Guard made in Mexico gasket is wrong size

Mar 20, 2008
Apparently, Premium Guard makes filters in Mexico as well as China :unsure:

Here is a page from Napa and one from Premium Guard.

I got an email from Napa because I bought a 21334 recently, but mine is a US-made Purolator and not part of the recall.
What was the recall about?
Edit ... never mind, the "Napa" and "Premium Guard" links in your post go there.

How can the base gasket be bigger than the groove in the base plate and stay in the groove? Maybe they pop out or shift when the filter is installed and that's what caused them to leak?
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So if I'm reading this correctly, the Napa Proselect 21334 is made by Premium Guard specifically in Mexico? Good to know it's not made by M&H Wix which 'iirc' in a recently posted thread on topic filter was identified as manufacturer in Mexico.

Don't know if still true, but the Hyun/Kia OEM OF this application was made by M&H in S Korea. And Wix labeled/Napa Gold 5/1334 was also made there and had/has very similar to OEM construction.

As for recall, the "larger diameter gasket" is interesting reason for recall. Champ Labs/SuperTech equivalent 9688 filters extend the gasket all the way of the filter OD. That instead of the relatively skinny sealing gasket normally used, that doesn't extend to filter OD. 'To me' that Champ Labs gasket design looks like it could/would seal better. The actual sealing part would be simliar and the extended part just bevels off to the OD. "IF" similar, wonder if PG didn't design the larger gasket properly to outer edge/OD. Or, it's a different issue. Linked is pic of CL/ST gasket for 9688 equivalent. Pic #4 top row from left.

Like to see what the gasket on the PG made PS looks like. Iirc this is at least the second recall or TSB PG has had for filters they make for Hyun/Kia vehicles.