Rebuilt my NP246 Transfer Case On My Dining Room Table

Oct 9, 2018
I'm single so I can do this kind of thing. I don't have much love for the table, so I don't care about scratches... it was bought at a Salvation Army store.

Anyway, rebuild went well except I snapped the poppet detent spring (which you see sitting on the gear) retaining bolt... didn't realize that was weak aluminum. New part comes in Friday and then I'll seal the thing up with ATV for Trans Fluid. It'll get filled as required with GM Autotrak II which is blue Dexron fluid, as far as I know.

Honestly, I wasted my time and money rebuilding the entire thing. The only bad bearing was pressed in the rear case -- it sounded like death. The same rear case had an output seal that leaked. I thought the rear case half had the common pump rub hole issue but it turns out that wasn't the case - instead the transmission vent tube had at some point been leaking fluid onto the transfer case (the tube terminates right above the t-case). At some point in the past the trans was overfilled, I guess. The fluid had absorbed dirty and dust and wasn't dripping off but instead turned into a tar-like crust so I couldn't really see if there was a puncture in the rear case. Hence the new case half you see in the background, which is aluminum and stronger than the original magnesium case it's replacing anyway so... glad to have it anyway.

I did manage to accidentally almost crush my hand when taking this thing out of the truck. I was pumping up the transmission jack a little higher to catch it and I must have moved my hand which was holding the t-case in place slightly and it slide off the cross member I had it sitting on and onto my hand, smashing it against the transmission jack pad. That hurt. Thank goodness it was just a scratch and some aching and I was able to lift the thing into a non-hand-crushing position.

It'll go back into the truck when my reman transmission comes. I have trust issues with transmission shops and trust issues with transmission builders and I decided to just wing it and get a Summit Racing 4L60E. I grilled them on their rebuild process and they don't require a core, so I don't have to give away my current trans just in case. That appealed to me for some reason. In hindsight, I should have taken this truck to a shop but I didn't... because I like doing things myself. Again, trust issues... haha.

Well, it's got a lot of assembly grease in it... so is that the olive oil? Hahahahah.