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Jul 17, 2005
I have a 1990 BMW 325 which I recently bought. I changed from whatever nameless dino oil to Amsoil 10w/30. Being obsessive/compulsive about both tires and oil I immediately started to rethink the choice of oil. I emailed Amsoil for reassurance about using a low viscosity oil in a car calling for 20w/50 and received only a link to their 20w/50 product! This despite the website recommendation of 0w/30 and 5w/20 for my car. Now confused and a bit disappointed in Amsoil, I emailed Redline and they recommended I use 10w/40 in my car, 30w oil being to low in viscosity for my application. I must admit I am intrigued by the seemingly fetishistic allure GC has on thid board, but is it right for my older M20 six cylinder engine? Thanks, Ken E.
How many miles do you have on the current oil fill? If the engine doesn't seem rough or make weird noises, or you've already got quite a few miles on the oil, you may want to just run the oil out to 3-5k miles and do a UOA. That should tell you either way.
Ken E. Why not use Castrol 5w40 imported from Belgium. This is what I use in my 328i. From what I see on the Castrol Euro web sites, this oil is Castrol's TXT Softec synthetic oil. It would be perfect for your cars engine. [Cheers!]
I have about 3000 on the Amsoil and the car runs perfectly, no weirdness. I'd like to keep it that way for about 200K more miles! The UOA is a good idea and not something I've ever considered before.
have you looked at amsoils european car formula? My buddy runs that in a bi turbo S4 and swears by it!
Originally posted by Boaz: have you looked at amsoils european car formula? My buddy runs that in a bi turbo S4 and swears by it!
Boaz! My Man! You must not be feeling know that When I fill my Beemer with precious motor oil There's only one I use if I don't want the stuff to boil I make my choice without a trace of diff-i-cul-tee Because I know that in Bavaria the oil of choice is GC
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