Rearview mirror fell off; Advice?

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Jan 11, 2007
El Oeste
The rearview mirror fell off my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. I've had limited success with kits before, but Jeep dealer wants $20 to re-install. It's been quite awhile since I tried the kit so I'd be willing to try again. Saving money would be the goal, but I also know the dealership would do it right.

Any suggestions on which way to go? Thanks.
At the dealer we used the same Permatex kit you can buy at the parts store...
Many windshield repair places will glue it back on for free.
Ditto to buying the kit.

I've used home glues before with success. It was a matter of maintaining pressure for a couple hours until the glue set.
Permatex kit, let it sit overnight and tape it up good...can't rush it. You're only gluing the metal slide tab on there anyway.

I've also used JB Weld...recently, because it was all I had. Worked great!!
When you do it with the kit, make sure that you've let the car sit out in the sun for a while, preferably with the windshield directly absorbing sunlight. A hot, clean surface makes all the difference.
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Only $20 at the dealer and guaranteed? Seems obvious.
+1. Usually I'm a save money guy, but being as you say you've had limited success in the past, $20 and a guarantee doesn't seen to out of line to me.

Or you could save money and test your skills again.
$20 to glue a mirror button to the windshield?!

Just make sure you remove the button off the mirror mounting, and clean it properly. Also clean the mounting area with some dish washing soap to make sure both surfaces are clean. If there's any dried glue on the mounting area, use a scrapper to gently remove it. Apply the glue to the button, and hold it on the glass for about a minute. Let it sit for a couple of hours before you put the weight of the mirror on it. If you can park it in the sun for an hour or two, without the weight of the mirror, that would be good too.
I fixed a friend's mirror with the Permatex kit 5 years ago, and it is still holding. The key as others have stated is making sure the windshield is scraped off with a razor, and the metal slab sanded down and then wiping both with alcohol. Heat curing with sunlight also works well.
thanks again guys. stopped at AAP and got the kit for $3.42. now i just need the temp. to fall below 75 so i can do the job.
On my 97 F-150 I glued the mirror back on myself, followed the instructions to a "T" and it fell off again within 4 months. I stopped at a auto glass store and asked what they use when they replace windshields. The guy just grabbed a basket and went out to my truck and asked for the mirror. I dont know what he used on it but he measured across the windshield to center the mirror where it is supposed to be and 5 minutes he told me no charge. Lasted the remaining 1.5 years I owned the truck.
Good luck doing this in winter.
Summer temps helps.
If you are unsure, and the kit is $10, spend the $20 and have the pros do it with their guarantee.
It is an easy job, I do not want to discourage you. Follow the directions closely.
At my Advance Auto in the Columbia, SC area, it cost 4.97 for the Permatex kit. This kit is for one mirror replacement. The instructions say use in temp.s between 50* and 75*. Here that means you have to be up and on it before 800AM! The package even has the Ford, GM, and Chrysler pn's on it.
Got up at 6:45 this morning and checked the thermometer. It was 74.6 so I hustled out and spent 10 minutes cleaning and gluing the metal piece on the windhsield. Couldn't have been any easier. I just went out this afternoon and hung the mirror back on the metal piece. I could get by without a rearview but it will be nice to have this back.

Thanks for talking me into doing it myself. Cheap is good these days.

(Jim: I wonder why your Permatex kits are pricier there than here in NC. That's exactly what I used.)
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