Rear diff oil Volvo XC90

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Jun 29, 2014
Sweden (Stockholm area)
Im searching for spec on rear differential fluid to our XC90 -08. Cant find anything about rear differential oil to our car. Lifetime filled not sounds good enough for me.
Hi, from what I can find online, the OEM part number is "1161 620" and it is a GL5 80W gear oil. The same fluid is used in the V6 and V8 models. There are a lot of choices for 80w90 GL5 gear oils, fortunately. I'll let others post here with their suggestions.
I'd read on an old link that was provided here sometime back that 80W90 is an obsolete mineral oil spec that was replaced by synth 75W140. Is that accurate or did someone post false info? If I remember the thread correctly,it was about Ford rear diffs that used to spec 80W90 mineral oil now recommending 75W140 synth.
Never heard that. Was the thinking that the narrow viscosity spread was necessary in a mineral oil to make sure it didn't thin out too much over time? I'm not sure I would run 75w140 in an 80w90 application, but I would think that 75w90 would be fine.
MT90 is GL4 for manual transmissions. Do not use it in a diff that requires GL5. The Volvo fluid is a thin GL5 eco-enviro-mpg fluid. Use Honda/Ford/Toyota GL5 75w85 gear oil, or Another option is a 75w90 GL5 full synthetic gear oil. Sweden location..... Euro area should have some 75w85 GL5 gear oils to choose from. Or use the fluid from the Volvo stealership.
My Freestyle has the same "transfer case" up front, Haldex and rear differential. There are fill plugs, but no drain plugs, so you have to siphon it out. The rear and Haldex are easy, the front is a bit tricky. -front differential calls for a synthetic GL-5 rated 75W90, and it has an additional "low foaming" spec. Based on Amsoil's gear lube test, I used Mobil 1 75W90 in the front. -rear differential is less restrictive, and allows any GL-5 80W90. I used the same fluid as the front, since I had to buy it anyway. I should note that the rear diff fluid looked terrible at 90K. I'd definitely recommend both changing it and upgrading the fluid. I just did it again at 160K and the synthetic 75W90 looked great. -Hadlex fluid. This is the most important to change, and you have to buy the specific fluid. It's a non-detergent 10W fluid. It picks up wet clutch debris, and eventually clogs the Haldex pump if you don't change it. There's also a Haldex filter. Depending on its orientation, you may need to drop the drive shaft for access (I don't, V50 owners don't, V70R owners do...). I've kept on top of all of these fluids, and the AWD system is working great at 160K, zero issue. I agree, lifetime fluids will lead to a short lifetime on some very expensive parts!
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Well, first off--the listing isn't correct. That's not spec'd for the front bevel gear, just the rear end. Also, last time I looked at the PDS on that stuff, it was just a mineral based 80W fluid--at $30.00 a quart... My car came with that OEM and its condition was terrible at 90K. It either needs to have a 30K service interval or you should use a synthetic fluid, IMO. Bottom line, I think there are better options.
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Tnx Sounds like the M1 SHC 75w90 syntetic that i have at home will be fine.
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