Realistic interval for cabin air filter

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Apr 13, 2013
Most manuals say to swap the CAF out every 15-30K miles but it's often a PITA to access on many cars. Unless they live in a dusty environment or have strong allergies, most people neglect replacement for many, many years. I'm guilty of leaving them in for 75K but when they come out, they don't look that bad. How long do you guys usually go on a CAF? My Pilot's is a breeze to access so I'm going to pull it out for inspection. At only 25K miles, I don't expect it too be dirty.
I've never had one that couldn't be vacuumed off 3-4x between change outs. I get several years out of one.
Based on these replies I see its largely dependent on the car. I posted pics awhile back of changing it out, and it was nasty after 6-8 Im going to change it out every 6 months.
If you use the kind with activated charcoal you kinda have to replace them on interval since charcoal can only absorb so much fumes/smell. The paper media portion will keep working, of course.
I just checked my OEM cabin filter on the 2015 Accord last night that has been in use for 15 months. No crud like leaves, and it's not as bad looking as I thought it would be. It is just a light grey color so I will leave it for the time being.
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Unless its restricting airflow why change it at all..
The thing is, you won't notice it because the airflow gradually decreases. Eventually, you'll have the fan on full speed and still won't get any airflow.
I change them every couple of years. They don't clean up very well as the pollen and other debris sticks to the fluffy felty material that they're made of. Probably one year would be better but I forget about it.
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