Ready to put in some GC

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Dec 30, 2005
Reno, NV
I went to Autozone and had to try this thing out. Everybody has been praising it so highly. The car is a VW GTI 1.8T AWP. Currently running M1 0w-40. The guy at Autozone pricematched Kragen's coupon for $1 off a quart on Castrol Syntec, and also gave me the Autozone Rewards Card. I think the bottom said 0502..., but when I shined my flashlight in, it looked green to me. The M1 was yellow. Do you guys think its going to be in Nevada heat? I mean, if the M1 thins down, and the GC thickens, I figuered I should be ok.
You are right. I just poured some out and it was gold. Looked green when I shined some light on it while in the bottle. It has to be due to the black bottle.
speedtc = drums...both seem to be GC "haters". speedtc: Why even bother to post in this forum if you have nothing of value to contribute?
Sounds like GC is a good match for VW engines..they seem to like it. My 1zzfe didn't seem to like it too much but others with the same engine say that it has been working good for them. Try it and see..that's the only way you'll know.... Goose [Patriot]
Hahaah, thanks Speedtc. The autozone here has plenty of GC Gold. If that doesn't work out, the car has been running smooth on M1. We ll see how the UOA on the M1 is and then send out one for GC. That might be the deal breaker
Well, it started already. I havent even put in the Gold and I saw an Autozone and had to check if they had green. They did, so I bought it. Now I understand what people are talking about. hahah
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