reading too much into brand or not?

Jun 22, 2015
montreal ,canada
this is what i argued with vauxhall. my particular engine is labelled as 1.4 LUJ and as its pre 2016, its not classed as direct injection. Vauxhall however will only sell dexos1 gen2 for all their small displacement turbo engines.
this is a pain in the UK as there are currently very little outlets selling d1gen2, hence why i started using amsoil, believing it to offer good protection.
i would use the dealers d1gen2, but they refuse to tell me who makes it or offer any specs on its quality.
the only other readily available oil with d1gen2 spec is total quartz 9000, but im not sure on this brand
recently i seem to have consumed myself into oil research and brand snobbery. must be the darker nights.
i have the same engine in my UK car as the Chevrolet cruze, being the 1.4luv turbo unit.
The manufacturer oil recommendation for this engine is for one that helps againt LSPi. therefore i started doing quite a bit of research and found that Amsoil signature series 5w30, (although not actually having the dexos1 gen2 licence) seemed to tick the required boxes, on paper its spec sheet was favourable.
recently though here in the UK, amsoil has been getting harder to obtain, so i have been looking at other brands, but for some reason my head is saying "NO" and to stick with Amsoil as its a known quality brand.
should i be sticking with the brand name or is it fine to pick another brand as long as it meets the approved specs required.
i do my oil changes every 6-7000 miles, so i am wondering if Amsoil is overkill for this engine
Total Quartz is an excellent choice if it's easily available to you, they are a reputable company. Don't sweat it.