Reading spark plugs. Too hot?

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Jan 27, 2012
1st 2 pictures. plug out of 1998 dodge ram 2500 2nd 2 pictures. plug out of power washer do you think either plug is too hot or its the correct heat range. thanks.
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No significant erosion, not glazed looking. They look normal enough that i wouldn't worry about it. Plugs that at one time would be thought to be too hot just by color are common today.
The first 2 pictures look like brand new plugs to me. How many miles on them? The second pictures look like slightly used plugs and nothing to worry about.
the top plugs are about a month old. last 2 are about a year old of limited use. just checking on the heat range before i buy another set. thanks
Heart range never crosses brand to brand. I might suggest trying the stock Champion listing and comparing. Those look OK though.
You haven't run the plugs in the first two pictures long enough to tell. The plug in the last two pictures is pretty close to spot on for heat range. In the last picture, you can see the white ash on the ground strap ending about half way in between where it's welded to the threads and the open end. That's how you tell it's the right heat range. Ideally, the cutoff point would be perfectly in the middle of that distance.
they are to LEAN. but iam old school. i like to see a little tan color on the insulator. my papy would say plugs are cheaper than pistons. all so i would run plugs 1-2 heat ranges colder than stock.
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