Re: Which Dino oil?

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Sep 17, 2002
Hello Everyone Just had a quick question? I presently use Castrol GTX in both of my 4x4 Nissan's. I change the oil and filter every 3 months or 3000 miles (WCF)and of course use a Nissan oil filter because of the anti-drainback valve. Would I be wiser to use the Quakerstate 10w30 4x4 oil instead? Thanks for your opinions. [Confused]
Too anyone reading the "advice" given to run a Group III oil in a engine like the Nissan Truck with a small sump capacity to 6K caution is advised IMO. In my opinion I don't think it would be wise to run one of these Nissans like a newer Frontier and or certain other motors that distance using a group III without a look at the oil by way of analysis,especially if under warranty.These engines are very tough on oil and they would have to prove theirselves at least to me, through analysis I personally do not think any of the group III's have that much of a advantage other than a bit lower cold crank pressures than some of the group II+ oils,,not all though as there are some group II's that are rated around 4600 or so at -30C Big Red, The analylis's I have seen show the GTX to be superior to the near double the price group III in the Castrol line in bang for the buck. If the GTX is working for you and your motor at around the 3K mark, stick with it is my opinion [Smile] Every other oil change is free at that rate of savings plus at 3k I don't think analysis is needed for the most part unless you think there is a dillution or other problem that might alarm you.
Big Red, These off the shelf synthetic blends have very little synthetic basestock, perhaps as low as 10%. You could upgrade to a Group II+ or Group III oil, which should work better. Chevron, Pennzoil and Havoline are all using the Group II basestocks now in their petroleum oils. The Rotella T, 5w-40 which is available in Walmart for $13.00/gallon is a Group III synthetic with decent properties. It is sold primarily for diesel engines but will work fine in a gas engine. I'd probably go with the Group III synthetic and a 5000-6000 mile change interval to offset the cost of the better oil .... TooSlick
He's not asking about blends or synthetics though, he's talking about regular dino oils. I think that GTX would work just fine for 3k intervals. No need to spend more money on oil if you're just going to stick with a 3k interval. Castrol GTX has shown some great oil analysis results. Honestly, it could go 4-5k in a sound engine.
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