re-refined oil quality

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Nov 25, 2004
this link exposes some pitfalls to production and quality of recycled oils. in the past I used sams brand when it as available in a 10w30 grade.given the risk,and cost of name brand products this is no longer a viable option. any industry types have comments related to this query.
What's wrong with this statement? "In fact re-refined base oils will never be used to meet the new passenger car motor oil specification GF-3 (API SK) for SAE 5W-30 because of their poor volatility."
That's funny! [Smile] Evidently this expert did not realize that API was going to skip the K letter, (about the year 2001), to avoid any confusion with SK-Oils. Actually, the America's Choice brand of re-refined motor oils are generally conceeded to be of very high quality. Naturally, America's Choice meets GF-4 & API SM, so this expert is just blowing smoke!
despite the author's error,(sk,my concern aplplied to the quality of the finished product. it seems the epa has strict guidelines regarding this issue.a voa on re-refined oil would not identify high levels of "pesticides" or "sulfur/phosphorus" or other contaminants/compounds.specifically,this is a caveat emptor situation,ostensibly at least.or is it?see [ June 05, 2005, 02:40 PM: Message edited by: lewk ]
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