Re-examining dino to synthetic

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May 12, 2003
Hope this doesn't come out stupid. I just "got" a 01 F150 supercrew, 5.4l, 4x4, auto from my dad with 24K on it. It had been served a diet of QS 10W-30 and Fram up to that point. I put in M1 5W-30 with a quart of 10W-30 and motorcraft filter. Well, on the advice from a brother here, I went over to and was prodding through their forums on the 5.4l engine. One topic I read with interest was that a few of the members had went from convention to synthetic and then had engine problems whereas they hadn't have before, a lot of head/cam problems since this engine has an OH cam. I've been here for some time and have learned that there is no evidence to support going convention/synthetic or vice versa. Have I overlooked something? Like the OHC style engines may in fact have problems when you switch from conv. to syn??? All brain molecules tell me no but right now I just need to know. Have any of you developed problems with this type of engine when you switched? Also learned that Ford too has the piston slap problem. Seems to be industry wide. Anyway, I know about the law of averages and those few folks that said they had problems represent probably less than 1% of 1%, but I just wanted to hear some input. Want to keep the truck a long time since it was Dad's. Tell you one thing, that forum site is just way too busy for me. Rather hear about 5.4l problems from you guys.

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It's not true. There are many myths that still persist, even from local mechanics about synthetic oil. Synthetic oil will simply clean (slowly) whatever the conventional oil left behind. The 5.4 is a great V8 from what I've heard.

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Schmoe, you got a good vehicle and engine. The leaks that some of the 5.4's have are due to poor machining of the head and block on some of those engines. It has nothing to do with the use of synthetic vs. conventional oils. Some of these engines have piston slap, versus it seems ALL of the newer GM truck engines
. It doesn't seem to hurt the engines, just drives the owners crazy. If you get the ps then you might want to try some differrent oils. Mikep went from Mobil 1 and Amsoil to Chevron Supreme dino and so far he tells me his ps is "quiet". When it gets real cold he'll know for sure. I'm assuming that the truck is still under warranty by the year and mileage. Make sure you check to make sure that the head's are not leaking before the warranty is up. It's very expensive if you have to pay for it yourself. The leak usually occurs at the back of the engine on the passenger side. You can only really see it from underneath the truck. Good luck with the truck and sorry to hear about your Dad. Mine died 2 years ago from cancer also. If you have any questions e-mail or pm me and I'll be glad to help if I can.

Sometimes I wonder about me being a synthetic oil user when I see results like this Motorcraft 10/40 run that was less than perfect driving and had fuel in it yet still was excellent bang for the buck in 5 months of service .;f=3;t=000905

And here is another Subaru with Redline 10/40 that did very well but it does not take much imagination to add up which is the most cost effective for the most part .;f=3;t=000846#000007

Too late for me at least for awhile to switch back because I have just tooooooo much synthetic oil here .

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