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Sep 17, 2002
Hey Everyone! I have noticed a lot of good comments on this great site about Chevron Supreme oil. I was in Wallmart Saturday and noticed there was not a single bottle of Chevron Supreme on the shelve. I don't know if it sold out or Wallmart is discontuning it? I will take notice again nmy next visit, and if there is none there I'll inquire.Anyway I use Castrol GTX, or would I be better off with Chevron in my 1995 Nissan Hardbody 4X4 V6 71000 miles. I change the oil and filter every 3 months or 3000 miles. Opinions always welcome. Thanks
With that regiment (3 months, or 3,000 miles) you will be just fine using any SL rated regular oil you see on the shelf at Wal Mart (using the grade recommended in your owner's manual). Good Day, Steven
Big Red, you can find Chevron motor oil at checker auto parts stores and NAPA stores. I was able to get some Chevron oil on sale at a checker store for 99 cents a quart. I feel a person is wise to use the best motor oil they can find, even if the difference in quality is not great. Thanks to this site (lots of people who visit this site have motor oil checked out at labs) we know that two of the best conventional motor oils are Castrol and Chevron. Some people at this site have said that Castrol does not flow too good in the cold, so I personally like the idea of using Chevron. Of course, a person could use Chevron or Castrol in the warmer months and maybe Mobil 1 in the winter. I have heard from an incredible number of people (a man who used to be the manager of the Nissan dealership, people at new car dealerships, men involved in oil distribution, etc.) that Castrol is a really good oil. Some people at this site do not like Valvoline motor oil. I like the idea of a good oil filter and right now I am leaning towards the Wix, which is also available at NAPA and CarQuest auto parts stores as their premium oil filters. One product I found out about at this site which I really believe in is Auto-RX-even if an engine is clean you can keep the engine clean by using 3 oz. with an oil change.
Castrol doesn't flow nearly as well as Pennzoil or Chevron Supreme or Conoco/Motorcraft in the cold.
Big Red... You may not be able to find Chevron Supreme in your area because companies like Wal-Mart will push certain brands on a regional basis only based on local brand strength (Chevron is strongest in the West, Southwest and South East). One option for you would be to buy Chevron Supreme at your local oil jobber (which in your case is Carroll Independent Fuel Company per the Chevron web site). Hope this helps. [ April 14, 2003, 09:14 AM: Message edited by: 68redlines73 ]
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