Ravenol SFE 5w-20 / 11,170 mi on oil / 2017 Ford Focus 1.0L Turbo 6spd

Mar 29, 2015
Frederick, MD
Couldn't update the title in my original thread to indicate new mileage on oil so I opened another thread. If not correct, please delete.

Original thread

Latest oil analysis. This one went about 11,200 over 8 months. Circumstances changed and I'm not driving as much. Really didn't want to go 8 months but it is what it is.

Oil is the Ravenol SFE 5w20 with a Bosch Distance Plus filter. I worried more about the filter going 12K than I did the oil. Wasn't sure if it was up to it. Oil level was full at the drain and I didn't top off.

17 FOCUS-220705 (1).jpg
Since I just had the oil change done I had the plugs changed today. It was in for a bad evap valve.

Here are the plugs. First change in 5 years and 99,600 miles


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