Ranger fails to restart after hard braking


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st louis, mo
Tried the Denso fuel pump -- without a strainer because it's a different inlet size than the original -- and it seems to be working correctly: it can be taken out of the fuel and allowed to suck up air and then it immediately begins pumping when put back into the fuel. I am going to get a strainer that fits it (Delphi BFS0108 at Autozone looks correct) for it and do the full install to make sure, but it seems like the whole problem was the Ultra Power fuel pump, even replacing it with another Ultra Power did no better. Maybe this truck gives me more fits than our other cars because I think, "it's just the old truck, I'll go cheap on the parts", whereas on our other cars I try to buy good quality aftermarket stuff. The start-then-die unless you give it a second before cranking is STILL there, and I'm still baffled by that one. Maybe it deserves its own thread, lol.
Marshfield , MA
Uhhmn. You can "prime" the injectors by clicking the key on start. It will pump fuel , then shut off because the crank sensor isn't turning fast enough. Cycle the key a few times to get the gas to the injectors. It may take few cycles. But it should work. Maybe