Rain x: is it still the best?

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May 11, 2005
Seattle Wa
Been using Rain X for many years. lat long but a pain put on and take off. Can never get the streakiness off on the first try. . Anything better that works as well and applies easier?

I've found that a coating of high pressure wax at a self serve car wash works very nearly as well as RainX. In a rainstorm, I rarely have to use my wipers when I'm up to highway speed.
There are some exotic glass treatments available for aircraft and such, but I think that RainX is still the best at the price point.
I use Castrols AccuVision. It is a lot easier to apply, just spray on and wipe off. Takes about 30 seconds to coat a windshield. Never even thought about going back to rain x.
I love Rain-X. can't live without it. I was replacing wiper blades because I thought the wipers were doing a crap job wiping water.(i use expensive Bosch). All along it was a nasty Film on my window, i used everything possible just to get the film off .. then I used Rain-x and Now i can see 110% better in the rain. thanks rain-x!
The best way that I have found to use Rain-X is to clean the windshiels first with soap and water and then dry the windshield. Then apply Rain-X on the windshield and let it sit there while you wash the wheels/tires, wheel wells and any other trim prior to the main vehicle washing... Then procede to wash the rest of the vehicle. The amount of Rain-X that is being washed of during this time is minute IMHO. The towel/shammy drying process will leave the glass looking great and will not leave any streaks/smears on the windshield. I do it this way about every 2-3 week depending on how much rain we are getting or extra car washing that I'am doing. I also try never to get Rain-X directly on my wipers while Im applying it to the windshield, as it tends to dry rubber and make the wipers hard and chattery during colder months.
The Castrol Accuvision works great, it needs to be applied more often but it is as easy as cleaning your windshield.
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