Radiator Drain/Refill

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Oct 15, 2010
So I am planning on draining and refilling my radiator. Someone suggested I elevate the rear of the truck a bit when draining so that more coolant comes out (I don’t want to mess with taking off the hoses). Does it make sense or are there negatives to do doing that?
Should I do the opposite when refilling to aid with bleeding or just leave it be? Thanks in advance guys

2010 Hemi Jeep XK btw
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To drain, you either have to remove the drain bolt at the bottom of the rad, or remove the lower hose. Either way, leaning the car forward wont do much. What you'd need to do, though, is remove the drain plug in the upper block, which alleviates the vacuum..like punching a second hole in a can before you pour it...which will allow the last bit of coolant out of the block itself. Don't forget to add a bit of PTFE tape to that bolt before reinstalling.
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No need to elevate. Get one of these.


HIGHLY, HIGHLY agree. Excellent product!
just purchased the funnel. Thanks guys. thinking about it, ill probably have to do this with the back higher than the front. I have a sloping driveway and, on order to get to the drain plug, will back the truck up the driveway and then drive the front wheels up on a set of ramps. The back will still be higher but much closer to level.
IM afraid of messing with hoses to be honest. The last time my mechanic took the lower hose off my old truck to drain the coolant, it ended up leaking when it was put back. Brand new clamps did nothing to seal the leak and only when I purchased a new OEM hose, the leak stopped.
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