Radar Tires and Accelera Tires

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Sep 12, 2016
Columbia, MD
Looking at some temporary tires (2) for a car that needs new fronts just to fit for the time being until new wheels are purchased. 215/45/16. Very odd size. Going on a 16x7.5 wheel. No other size will fit the car. I was able to locate two tires I can get cheaply in this size. Radar RPX-800 and Accelera Alpha. Anyone have any experience with either brand or tire? These are temporary. Both sound like Chineseum, but im hoping one will be serviceable for several months.
Some places call it an all season and others don't. And it has a 520 treadwear rating. Haha. These would not be driven in snow at all.
we sold rpx-900s at my last job. man were thoes tires stiff as [censored]. but they were our budget tires and like a 45 or 40k warranty.
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