race track application for a 5w30 engine?

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Jul 1, 2003
Hi. Long time reader first time poster. I have a 2k Celica gts which I take to the track occasionaly. The manual recomends 5w30 and 10w30 grade. I instaled an oil temp and pressure gauge. For temp readings, I placed the sender at the oil pan. The oil regularly reach 260F+ and I've heard the temp should be significantly hotter in the bearings and cylinders. Engine rpm dwells at 5-8k rpm for 25min durations. I'm currently using M1 and sometimes Redline 10w30. I'm undecided to which oil grade will best suit my application. I'm leaning towards xw40s but I'm not certain it would be such a good idea since I still drive the car around town and oil temp hardly ever goes over 180F during these times. Is it a good idea to use the xw40 given my circumstance? I also want to know if I should go with a higher weight for the track? Thanks.
IMHO, I would use Redline 10W30 as the all-around street/strip oil because of its wide viscosity range. It functions more like an SAE 5W35.

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I agree with Molekule but Redline is so stable that the 5w-30 works fine in a part time racer but mostly street driven car. You'll need to change the oil more frequently with a 25 minute road racing event.

I base this on analysis results and the slightly thinner vis of the 5w-30 Redline. You MPG will not suffer as it will with the RL 10w-30 and 40w's. Wear protection should be almost the same BUT if you race more than what you stated above use the RL 10w-30.

If you race at all and use M1, I would use it with Molekules Brew of LC and 132 for increased wear protection.

Use analysis to fine tune these approximations and to maximize you drain interval on your Toyota.

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Thanks guys. Your advice are deeply considered.

Sounds like the M1/LC/#132 is a good alternative. I'll look more into this.

Now, stems another question. If I decide to go with M1 instead (w/ Molakule's brew) would the 0w40 be a better call than their 10w30?

btw, mpg is not an issue for me.

Originally posted by Physonic:
[QBNow, stems another question. If I decide to go with M1 instead (w/ Molakule's brew) would the 0w40 be a better call than their 10w30?

Like I always say. I am skeptical of thin oils being used in racing applications, to say the least.

0w-40 as a minimum is what I would use.

Palm, this is the consensus I've gotten from the track circle people at the track using 4 bangers. Most use a minimum 40w. However, these guys need not worry about driving their cars around town. Their cars are built solely for racing. Still, most of the engine used are assembled within the manufacturers tolerance. This is why I'm very curious about 40w oil.
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