Quite impressed with these bookshelf speakers...

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Oct 30, 2002
Great Lakes


These are Klipsch Synergy III B-2. The manufacturer only rates them down to 62 Hz, nevertheless, the amount of bass that they deliver for their size is amazing. I ran some test tones on them, and I can hear plenty of audible bass down to about 42 Hz, which given their size (H:12.5” x W:7” x D:8”) and only a 5.25" woofer is really impressive. For proper home theater experience, you'd need a subwoofer though, but for music listening, not necessarily.

Overall sound stage and detail is pretty good, too. Generally Klipsch speakers are considered "bright", meaning they overemphasize high frequencies, which has to do with their high frequency driver design, so it's best to pair them up with a less bright amp/receiver to balance things out. I'm powering them up with Denon AVR-2801 at the moment.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for small speakers with good low-end extension, I can definitely recommend these. But they're better off being placed on stands rather than tucked in on a shelf or against a wall - they have a rear-firing bass-reflex port, so you need to leave some space in the back to avoid running into bass issues.

FYI, I compared them to Infinity Primus 160, which are somewhat larger, have a 6.5" woofer, and are rated down to 49 Hz, but in my room, their bass response wasn't nearly as good as the Klipsch. Below 50 Hz, there was basically no clearly audible bass to speak of.

I have the same Klipsch speakers for my surround system and like them very much. I also have the Klipsch Synergy C2 center speaker which is also very nice. The 10" sub from Klipsch also rocks
or should I say thumps!

does that speaker have bi-wiring?
how are the speaker terminals?
does it have banana-plugs?
how much are those?

it looks really good.
I'm thinking Klipsch and Mission make some good speakers...(I might be a little biased towards mission)

(I remember having a set of Heco R-10 German speakers (book shelf) which had it down to 30Hz, and it was the best book-shelf speaker I've ever heard; had it paired with Yamaha and Denon stuff: match made in heaven! you can find them online, but VERY costly...Klipsch, Mission, are the way to go...I was never really impressed w/Infinity.)

anyway...very nice looking spkrs...enjoy!!

hallo Pscholte, wie geht's dir, mann?

Unfortunately there are no dual terminals on these for bi-wiring. And I'm guessing by "bi-wiring" you actually meant "bi-amping"? Otherwise, I don't see much point in just bi-wiring by itself.

They will accept banana plugs.

They are $230/pair at Best Buy. You might be able to find them for less on line somewhere. I actually wanted the B-3 version (with 6.5" woofers), but no BB in my area had any in stock.


But yeah, I love how they look, too. I haven't even bothered to put the grills on.

I actually have a set of Monitor Audio B2 on order (those have dual speaker terminals). They may not look as cool as these Klipsch ones, but are supposed to be higher-end stuff. I will probably keep the Klipsch as rear surrounds. We'll see.

BTW, here are the Monitor Audio B2 (6.5" woofer, rated down to 42 Hz), except that mine will be black, plus a matching center channel speaker.


yes I got my terminology mixed up. I meant bi-amping...
actually only a few high-end independant amp's have bi-ampimng/wiring capability, and I really don't think it makes a big difference unless you had something like an Accuphase amp connected, so just normal connections are fine, I was just curious.

The monitor audios are well respected in GB, and also in Germany (just by reading audio magazines), although I've never heard a pair myself.

btw, What's the nom.impedance on those Klipsch ones? 4 ohm, I'm guessing?

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