Quiet tire for RAV4 in FL & go Oversized?

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Sep 8, 2003
South Florida
Do 10k miles/year of city driving in Ft. Lauderdale. Want quiet tire that stops well on wet & dry roads. OEA 215/70-16: Should I consider another size? Why? Thanks for all you're input.
You should retain your OEM size. Why change to a different size that could throw off your speedo? Would you gain anything by going to a 225 tire? Do you drive aggressively where a wider tire is needed? Wider tires are more prone to hydroplane. Go to the tirerack website and look up the goodyear fortera silentarmor tire.
215/70/16 is a tough size to find. The choices on Tirerack are limited and those that do come up are not that impressive. For your kind of driving, Yokohama Avid Tourings or Bridgestone Turanzas would be a top choice. Check the manufacturer's site to see if they make this size. Good luck.
I just bought a set of Firestone Destination LE tires for my Jeep Grand Cherokee at the local Firestone shop. Very quiet, smooth and comfortable ride.
I'll second the Yoko Avid Touring tires. I've heard nothing but great reviews and good prices for this tire when purchased from The Tire Rack. I plan on getting some for my wifes CR-V at the end of summer. Her stock Bridgestone Dueller HT's are the worst tire I've EVER ridden on. The Avid's are supposed to be much better for a quite and smooth ride while handling is retained. A slightly wider tire than OEM may look cool but on a vehicle that small the hydroplaning and mileage penalties may be pronounced. Just an opinion though, I'm no tire expert.
Originally posted by Islandvic: 235/60 r16 Michelin XHT H4
Absolutely!! If you have 16x7 wheels, then going with a 235/60R16 is a great option. It is a recommended option for vehicles with oem 215/70R16's as an oem tire, but the wider tires require seven inch wide wheels.
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