Quicksilver versus Pennzoil synthetics or so on

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May 17, 2007
Utah,Vernal (oil land)
just wondering what everyone opinions were on 2 cycle oils. I have a 65 evinrude I am running it in. I have currently been running quicksilver semi-synthetic oil. I am wondering about switching to Pennzoil semi-synthetic oil. Also how much diff between the full syn and the blend, worth the cost ? also while I am at it anyone use OMC 2+4 fuel treatment ever?
its a 1965 9.5 hp evinrude, the outboard has been redone and starts first pull and I want to keep it that way......I do not know if they put the ethanol in gas or not here
On the short squatty 9.5 either of those oils will be fine. In fact, anything with a TCW3 will give you more protection than you need. Those are good engines, but I'm sure a bear to work on as most of the block is so low in the cowl it's practially in the lower unit.

Some 2 cycle oils have a hard time mixing with gas mixed with ethanol.

What happened that it was "redone". Sometimes that just means a carb rebuild, new fuel lines and a new impeller, and the original coils on those are very prone to failure. But if it had new rings... etc... that's pretty odd. They're pretty bulletproof engines. I guess with poor fuel they could carbon up the rings and lose compression. And of course there's always the risk of overheating.

Best of luck, I doubt you'll have much of an issue with this motor whatever oil you choose.
the engine was completely rebuilt by a marine shop by the previous owner just because, he then passed on.... I spoke with the marine shop and he confirmed nothing was wrong but he just wanted it freshened up, he then proceeded to tell me he was planning on a lower rebuild and did I want to do it........I just laughed since I had just replaced the impeller and a couple of seals and it was great..... I want the best oil for her. The motor is going to be run at low rpms for trolling. Like I said I am using the quicksilver semi synthetic. I like how it is running so far. From what I have read the Pennzoil isn't quite as good. How about the cabelas oil I have heard it is pretty darn good.
use the Walmart 2 cycle SuperTech TC-W3
far better oil than the old 1960s 'Rudes ever saw.
save 50% or more over the price of the Merc stuff.

use Sta Bil Marine fuel conditioner every tank per mix instructions and a carb/engine cleaner such as the OMC pricey stuff.

i mix my own engine/carb cleaner from paint store gallons of acetone and toulene, 50/50 mix. add 1 ounce per gallon of gas. use a polyetheramine additive every 3rd tank such as Techron Concentrate or Regane.
prevents ring jacking/overpressure, piston carbon buildup, port plugging and keeps the carb/jets spotlessly clean. no gumming.

critical with ethanol gasoline, about the only thing that is available across the states except some marina refuelers do still pump non ethanol gas but a higher price.
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