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Jun 28, 2003
I've been using QB Pro for the last seven years but do not have enough business to make buying a new license every three years worthwhile. I have a few items I would like to keep using, customer list, inventory, expense and income categories, etc that I would like to keep and use elsewhere. Most small business software is online now. What to do?
Accountant here. Freshbooks is popular. You can import your customer lists, inventory, etc. into virtually any Accounting software that you decide to use. I'd stay with QuickBooks personally. Maybe look into QB online? Also, all cloud Accounting solutions have monthly access charges. If I were you I'd stay with QB Pro. It can't be too expensive?
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$200 for another three years with the latest version QB Pro 2018.
Spend the $200 and stick with QB. QB isn't going anywhere and has a great reputation. You're talking about $66.66/yr.
Just saw it at Sam's Club yesterday for $118.00. Look there or online and you can get a lot better price than $200.
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So I was reading that the software does not stop working, only the support expires. Any truth to this rumor
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