Quick Lube atrocities? The other side of the coin inside...

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Nov 15, 2003
Now I know how evil and devilish these fast oil change places are.... they villainously pilfer our wallets for unnecessary repairs in order to amass a fortune sizeable enough to purchase the planet earth itself

I'm a technician at a Quick oil change station.... You dont see our name on the news. We get paid the same wether we "sell" anything or not.

We go by the way a fluid looks if we've never serviced the vehicle before....If the differential fluid comes out like Milkshake, and like we just took a dump in it... we are going to recommend it... if not... its less work for us.... leave whatever is in there that doesnt look awful.

If the vehicle is a regular, and the fluid looks black, but its within service.... we'll just leave it in there, and wait for the mileage to come up.

We turn away customers who have more than 500 miles left on their service.... we tell them its a waste of their money.... please come back in 500 miles.

I can honestly say that our store is 100% honest. If a customer comes in with an Amsoil filter, and Amsoil OIL... it will be installed on the vehicle. There can be a $100 bill in a clump under the seat, and it will stay there.

Is there a big pressure for us to "sell" ... yes... everyday we are drilled with numbers, and sell sell sell sell sell.... but you know what, when the customers trust us, they will get what we tell them to get, because its needed. plain and simple

While I know most of you Hate these places... some of us are truly honest.

thats my .02
Glad to hear there are places like yours. I do most of my own work but when I had a company car had the big sell every oil change, air filters only had 3k miles but they tried to push them every time plus all the other items.

Had the exact opposite when I took the company car to a repair shop that did our work. I would ask that new brakes be put on the back, they turned the drums and adjusted them and then told me it did not need new brakes. Had a few other things like that happen too. I was not paying the bill and did not really care but they would only do work on things only when they thought it needed it. A lot of other shops would likely have tried to find everything possible to replace.

By your name, do I take it you like the Spanish version of the G3?
Good to hear. Obviously there are good places such as yours.

Originally posted by CETME:
We get paid the same wether we "sell" anything or not.

While I know most of you Hate these places... some of us are truly honest.


I think you hit the nail on the head...I know of several chains that force employees to sell a quota of air filters, T-Techs, injector cleanings, etc. If they don't meet their quota, they're fired...this creates a huge moral and ethical dilemma: a basically honest person is forced to be dishonest in order to keep his job...I don't necessarily blame the individual as he's only doing what he must to feed his family. I blame the corporate entity that CREATES this situation and I refuse to patronise such businesses.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I a$$ume not EVERY employee of every "quick-lube" is a crook...it's just so pervasive in that industry that it's hard to tell the good from the bad...I'm glad you're one of the good!
Hi Cetme, nice gun! I'm going to get one some day! I just bought a Rock River AR15 and it is a nice gun too. I like the looks of the Cetme and G3 guns.
Agreed, corporate does put quite a BIG pressure on you to sell, then when the technicians are caught doing it.... Corporate tells everyone that the technicians were breaking policy and fires them....despite the fact that corporate put the pressure on the Techs in the first place!!

I know what you mean about an honest guy having to be dishonest to feed the family... in many cases... thats true.

Maybe you guys should ask the Techs if they are paid on commision or not.... If so.. be a little leery.. if not.... They will probably only recommend things only if you really really need it.... (more work for them if you actually want something done to your car)

customers are allowed to be in the bays and watch us work... are most places like that?

Chris, Rock River makes a fine tool. They are my favorite brand.
Good post! I've seen my fair share of shoddy work and dishonest mechanics before, at oil change change shops, dealer, and elsewhere. But let's not throw everyone under the bus guys.

The quick lube place in the other town didn't hire me. =(

During my interview it was made apparent that sales were very important. Which was good, because I have about 5 years of sales experience. They did the whole, "we'll call you next week," thing and never heard back. =(

Anyone in southern MN hiring? =)

I've got a RRA 16" upper for my DPMS lower. Fits perfect and the finish is nice. Now I just have to buy that .50 BMG upper. =)
For me it is either the dealership or do it myself, and I don't really trust dealerships all that much. I have had too many bad experiences with fast lube places. At one place I had my oil changed (and I have never gone back there) they actually took some of the coins I had in a cup holder! Another place tried to steal my Mobil 1 and put conventional motor oil (of the wrong viscosity) into my engine instead. I caught them trying to do it.

In my opinion if you are going to have synthetic oil in your engine then change the oil yourself. How do you know a quick lube place will actually put synthetic oil in your vehicle engine? Think they will not try to cheat you? Maybe you better think again!

And then some will try to sell all sorts of unnecessary stuff. They tell you that your air filter is dirty and you know it is clean. They tell you that you need your engine flushed (I will put Auto-RX in myself thank you very much-keep your engine flushes or your expensive engine flushing machine).

And remember-professional mechanics do not work at fast lube places very often! Some of these guys think they are professional mechanics and really they barely know how to change oil. Some of them may recommend 10W-30 oil or even 10W-40 oil in your new vehicle-what does your owner's manual say? They may leave your drain plug loose or over tighten it. They may put your oil filter on too loose or too tight. Ever see some of these guys at tire shops try to impress somebody using an air tool to tighten lug nuts far beyond what the lug nuts are supposed to be tightened?

best way to make sure they are doing things right, is to watch them..... anyone is welcome to look over our shoulder as we work...... THe guys who come in with Amsoil products always watch us do it.

While I agree with you that there are hardly any "professional" mechanics there, ALl are pretty adept to the simple task of changing oil.

I know MANY ASE certified technicians who ask me for help on their mustangs.

This car started off as a 4cylinder automatic Mustang, and now sports a nicely modded 302, a 5spd, 8.8" rear end... and with Cobra brakes, with all the brackets, lines all custom made... the electrics are completely custom, and the fuel system is all custom. The only original parts on this car is the shell.... I'm not ASE certified, but its just a title.

I'm only 23, but I've been building cars sicne I was 12... Would you trust me to change your oil?





Great photographs CETME! I can see that you truly care about car maintenance. There are still a few people around like that. You can change the oil in my car anytime you want!
i dont know about you guys but i HATE it when someone is watching over my back when i work on their car. not that i am dishonest or anything, but its just really anoying, espically if they are asking questions while i am working, or trying to suggest better ways to do somthing.

Originally posted by cryptokid:
i dont know about you guys but i HATE it when someone is watching over my back when i work on their car. not that i am dishonest or anything, but its just really anoying, espically if they are asking questions while i am working, or trying to suggest better ways to do somthing.

That and when they call every shop in the world trying to get a price a dollar lower than anyone else's and then they complain non stop that the parts going on their car aren't OEM.

I wish I could have hung a sign in my shop with the following questions:

1. Do you want quality parts with a solid guarantee or the cheapest white box junk I could find?

2. Do you want an ASE Master Tech w/22 years experience working on your car or some kid 3 months out of school?

3. If I give you an honest price and explain what the car needs, and then you call EVERY SHOP IN THE PHONE BOOK until someone lowballs you with a number $20 less...where will you get the work done?

I am SOOOOO glad I got out of the auto repair business. I have a great mechanic that I take my car to when it's something I can't fix myself. Is he expensive? You bet yer a$$ he is.
I can understand a professional mechanic not wanting people looking over his/her back. This would bug me also. But a lot of these quick lube places are so crooked and have such inept workers that I think it is almost a necessity to have a window where you can view the work area.

I have had change stolen that I keep in a cup holder in my car. But what really made me angry was when I got some guys trying to switch the Mobil 1 oil I had brought in with conventional motor oil of the wrong viscosity.

You are better off getting some car ramps (low profile with a lot of these new cars) and crawling under the car, getting dirty, and doing the job yourself.
There is a quicklube here in Palo Cedro where I dump my used oil
, I have been able to watch them do work and they do an awesome job ,real professional. they prefill the oil filters as needed Lube all the fittings etc. I would have them work on my stuff .

Originally posted by V6 Diesel:

By your name, do I take it you like the Spanish version of the G3?

a G3 is a German version of the CETME, not the other way around

I manage the virginia store. If you want to see honesty in the quicklube buisness, go to an oilstop.

Oh, and your required to stay with your vehicle and watch us change your oil. Keeps EVERYONE, includeing the customer honest.


I wish I could belive you and your company website claim of no commissioned sales people, but my experience is otherwise. PTFE oil additives are pushed on every customer and PCV valves, which are an emissions warranty item, are pushed on customers that 1) dont need them and 2) could get a FREE replacement at the dealer. I went there because of Chevron oil and Champ Labs filters, but have gotten better treatment elsewhere. I also had no response from the customer survey that I submitted.
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