questions for volvo or mercedes owners

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Feb 28, 2003
Bradford, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
I recently found myself admiring a Volvo V70 XC. I have considered dumping my Ford F150 and replacing it with one of these. I found that I can get a decent deal if I buy a used one with 100k or more miles. I have also found a great deal on a '90 Mercedes 300TE AWD wagon with 112k miles.

Pretty much, I was wondering if there were any common problems with these cars. What do I need to be concerned about once these vehicles hit 100k or more miles? How well does the AWD system in these vehicles hold up? How expensive it general maint?

Thanks, Mike

I can't believe that I am considering buying a station wagon.
A used '95 850 wagon was may first actual car purchase, for which I am still driving. Sometimes I wish I had something else, but honestly, it has all my needs covered...and then some I suppose as I am single.

As noted from others over conversations with a local Volvo dealership, most of their profit comes from servicing vehicles rather actual sales. Even before knowing that, I was already one of those that did as much as they could in terms of maintenance themselves. I even came up with a montra of sorts - "Make money by saving money. Do as much as you can yourself."

As for whether this Volvo is right, well it's been some time since I followed along with reviews and so forth. Check out, consumer reports for reviews, perhaps see what has to offer.

The Merc? I don't know. My mother wondered about it not long ago, but heard from a friend that thought that though they may look nice, they ride hard, or something to that effect. Granted, it's all subjective.

And when one has decided, might I recommend doing a VIN check/carfax just to see what kind of records/history the car has had "documented". It could be something as simple as a recall that was taken care of, or it could have been involved in an accident and repaired, for which no mention nor value deduction is being made. Just a little something that may have made my purchase even less costly, but anyway...

Good luck either way.
This is another vote for
Lots of very knowledgeable people for every Volvo model.
From what I know 98-00 XC70s have very problematic AWD systems. Even tire wear differences between front and rear can kill the center coupling. 99-00 was Volvo's dark years for quality. Mostly electrical problems. 99+ Volvos use a very unreliable and expensive electronic throttle.
Thanks for the help.

After doing some research on these two cars, I have found that I am probably better off with my F150. The Mercedes is extremely underpowered and sucks down more gas (93 octane) than the average American SUV while the Volvo has way too potential issues that will cost a mint to repair.

I thought these were supposed to be "top of the line" cars. These cars are starting to look more like a status symbol than a piece of precision automotive engineering.
I have owned other cars.

I currently only own Volvo's. I love my 85 245T. My 96 850 has been reliable but too niggling. IS great (but like any site watch for the true experience)

I will NOT buy another NEW Volvo. Not enough bang for the buck.

Honda, Toyota, etc come to mind now.
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