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Mar 5, 2003
Hi. I am a new member. I have always been interested in car maintenance because my father was a good mechanic. I have tried to always use the best possible products for my cars and the truck I have owned. I recently ordered some Auto-RX. Does it work really good? Also, I have a few questions about motor oils. I have tried to find a brand that was good. I have heard (from mechanics, car racers, and people at new car dealerships) that a couple of brands of oil are suspected of causing sludge buildup. For conventional oils I have heard that Castrol, Valvoline, and perhaps Mystik were really good. I am undecided about synthetic oil. But Mobil 1 seems like a good choice in the wintertime. A long time ago I used FRAM filters, but after checking out oil filter studies on the internet, I switched to Hastings. After I discovered this site on the internet (and this site is really interesting) I figured it would not hurt to see what knowledgeable people might recommend. Thanks
Hello and [Welcome!] You will find that both here and other forums that Castrol GTX and Chevron Supreme are well liked. I have had good experience with GTX and recently started using Chevron. Mobil1 is a good oil, I just can't see paying that much when there are very good conventional oils available. I think that for a reasonably priced filter, Purolator or Motrcraft are hard to beat.
Auto-Rx: Yes, it works great. An outstanding product. Conventional oils: Castrol seems to produce a lot of good analysis reports. Schaeffer oil is excellent. The bang-for-the-buck champ right now may be the Havoline(if it says Chevron/Texaco on the back of the bottle) on clearance sale at many Target stores for $.68/qt. Mobil drive clean, Mobil 1, Amsoil, Chevron supreme, Exxon superflow & many others all have their following. The Hastings oil filters are fine. I'm using Wix right now, anything except Fram should be OK to excellent. Be careful, you may wind up like some(many!) of us here! It can become a sickness. [Wink]
Castrol GTX and Chevron Supreme seem to be the reigning conventional oil champs on the board. As far as Mystic is concerned, since that is a product of Citgo, I might be more inclined to use the Citgo oils, if availible. Some of the numbers on the Citgo oil data sheets have looked very good, but not a lot of Used Oil analysis to back that up. Valvoline seems to get beaten up here, mostly because their conventional oil tends to shear back to 20w oil in the 5w30 and 10w30 grades rather quickly. Some also feel they don't have a good additive package. Their products have served me well over time, though! As far as filters go, just keep away from the Fram, but sounds like you already learned that lesson!
Pennzoil is another brand to add to your list of better-than-average oils. Hastings filters are a good choice. I also like Purolator Pure One. As you've seen, there is no concensus on filter choice, except that bigger might be better. Even with the lube shops, you can always hand them your choice of filters to install. You can give them the oil, also, if you choose; they do the work and take care of the disposal. In that case, if you can find Schaeffer oil, it would likely work better than the oils listed, give engine protection for a longer drain interval, and at a moderate price. When you're running Auto-Rx you have the 500 mile treatment routine, but if necessary, longer mileage is better than shorter. Ken
Mystic: Rhino ramps ($25), and check with the store where you buy the oil (many collect used oil, though they don't advertise the fact) or your local landfill (some states mandate oil collection facilities at the local landfills). Add me to the list of Castrol users, when I'm not using synthetic. Cheers, 3MP
Wow, let me tell you, I am impressed! I just barely posted my first message on this board and I have already received three interesting replies. I have an interest in computers also but I almost never received any replies to my posts on computer boards. You guys are great! I think I should supply some more information. I have a 2001 Saturn SL2 car right now. I have been driving Saturns for a while since they are fairly inexpensive transportation. At one time I owned a Ford F150 but I sold it. The Saturn oil filters are actually made by FRAM and when I used them there is some noise at start-up. According to what I have been able to find out there may be some sludge build-up in Saturns and that is why I bought the Auto-RX. One thing that interests me in the replies I have received so far is that Valvoline may not be so good. I thought it was a really good brand. At the Saturn dealerships they use Quaker State which is not my first choice when it comes to motor oils. A lot of people who seem to really know something about oils (mechanics, people in service departments at dealerships, men involved in oil distribution, etc.) seem to really like Castrol oil. The problem is that in my area it is really hard to find a place that uses Castrol. I don't do my own oil changes because there is no central jacking point on a Saturn and it is hard to get rid of the used oil. I really appreciate the replies that I receive. I think some of the people on this board really know a lot about motor oil and filters. Thanks
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