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Dec 28, 2004
I have two Hondas. And I used M1. I was at Auto Zone today looking to find this GC oil that is talked about. The only one I could find was 0W30. Is that the only weight? Can I find 5W30?
I might want to try this oil. Would it be good for Honda?

If it says "Made in Germany" on the back..that's it. It comes only in 0W-30 here. Yes it would be fine for that vehicle. Its probably the best oil money can buy.
GC only comes in 0W-30 grade and must say Made in Germany on the back. Other Syntec is not the same.

GC is much hyped here and I use it, but M1 or a 5/20 or 5/30 Syntec might actually work better for Honda.
Thanks for the input. I may just try it to see.

Any Honda users use it?

Even thought Honda recommends 5W30, 0W30 would be okay?

Originally posted by 97tbird:
I wish people would stop thinking Gc is good for EVERY car

While not for every car, it does fit the bill for many cars in many different climates. Nice 0W rating for the sub zero people, and a thick 30 weight for the 100 + degree (How do you make that degree sign again?) people.
Any vehicle that calls for *W-30 oil would be a good canadate for it, but as you and others have said, some cars may not like it.

Originally posted by JMG:
how do they not like it?

Some people have noted more start up noise with it. Some have had constant valvetrain noise. Some have had oil pressure problems. Every oil is like this, not just GC, some engines just don't like a certain oil.

wavinwayne, thanks.

Originally posted by Reg# 43897:
Sorry, didn't follow on the 'degree' mark instructions. Please to explain? And thanks.


It doesn't work for me.
ALT 24 boots me out of the post.

Originally posted by rugerman1:
ALT+0176 works for me°

That knocks me off bitog and back to the browser. No problem, everybody knows F and C anyway.

Back on topic. I love GC, but have reservations to cars calling for 5W-20. It may or may not be an ideal.
To find any extended characters, go here:

Look at the Extended OEM ASCII table. The one in question is at postion F8. Put that position, F8, into the "hex(idecimal)" field in the bottom calculator, then press the tab key. The DEC(imal) now shows as 248.

Hold the ALT key down and type in 248. Note: on some keyboards you may be forced to use the number pad (with the NumLock on, of course!) where the standard keyboard numberic keys don't work. I have to do that when I type the °

You know, it's funny that this comes up during a GC topic as PSCHOLTE uses those characters all the time in his Gümmy (ALT 129) Bärren (ALT 132) poetry!
Thanks, Toyo, I didn't have the num lock on.
The alt 248 works on the keypad.


Pschycholte probably has a green German keyboard with the umlauts already on it.

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Originally posted by Reg# 43897:
"°!" Hah! I'll go away now...

Don't go away the fun is just about to begin. I'm about to get flammed by suggesting that M1 0W-20 and 5W-30 or even the dreaded fake Syntec might actually work better in some engines that spec 5W-20. The NA Syntec is rated A5,B5 also and is a pretty good oil.

Gotta love GC if you need the 12cst, though. All Fords and Honda don't necessarily need it though.
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