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Sep 20, 2005
I was wondering if I could blend the GC with another oil. I dont want to run full GC. but maybe 3 or 4 QT of brand X,and 2 to 3 QT of GC. I want to use it for its add package. I have a 6 QT sump
The general consensus is that it's ok to mix oils. Personally, I would not (Unless it was GC Green with Gold [Big Grin] ). Why? Just cause I don't see any benefits to mixing and it introduces one more factor into the whole car equation. But if I had to mix, I'd probably mix them before pouring it into my engine. Pour them into another bottle and start shaking! That's just me though.
I will give GC another try in my engine. after I finished my ARX rinse I noticed the engine is alot better sounding. so I think I had some type of build up in there some where. its just that 0w that pecking at the back of my head. whe they call for a 5w in my engine. GC was the only oil that didnt turn black in under 2000 miles. unlike M-1. heck pennz dino oil didnt start changing until almost 2500. I will go on the green hunt. pscholte didnt mean to offend you. and no I wouldnt not insult such a fine wine like thunderbird with a lafite [LOL!] but I get what your trying to say. I will open a green bottle and sniff the gummy sent till I get dizzy [Coffee]
The "0" is somewhat of a misnomer in that at normal operating speeds, GC 0w30 is thicker than most 5w30s. It is "0" at the very low temperatures at which the tests are run.
Any thoughts on using GC as a top-up oil for another decent oil, such as Mobil 1 0w40? Now that I'm past the break-in period on my 2.0T, oil consumption has dropped dramatically. However I still expect that between the 10K intervals, I'll still need to add a quart or so. My dealer puts in Mobil 1 0w40 (during the warranty, I'd just as soon take it there and let them put in the oil -- they are at least putting in VW 502 00 /503 01 oil).
Originally posted by Dark Jedi: pscholte didnt mean to offend you. and no I wouldnt not insult such a fine wine like thunderbird with a lafite [LOL!] [Coffee]
DJ, No offense taken, I assure you...just my little way of keeping the brew pure. [Cheers!] PS You're a riot!
thank you glad you got a kick out of it. I couldnt resist jumping on that. I never knew you drank lafite. I thought you only drank GC. does the elves know about this? or do yo ukeep it in the closet. if we kept everything pure. the we wouldnt have peanut butter cups. somethng to think about there. sometimes mixing can be a beautiful thing.
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