Question on torque specs for lug nuts

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Mar 16, 2003
Hello, I was wondering about the torque spec for my 1997 Tahoe. The owners manuel says to torque to 140 Ft-lbs. The shop I have been using for years reccomends only 110 Ft-lbs saying 140 is to much. I just got new tires and the tire shop says they use the full 140 ft-lbs. Which do you guys think is the better/safer way to go and why? Thanks! P.S. Are Bf Goodrich All terrain's as good as they used to be?
________ I thought 120 for my 93 was pretty tight. Sounds like a pain if you get a flat..
Do you think my rotors could warp at the high of torque? I just had brakes done with new rotors. They should not if the manufacturer made it that high.
I've run mine at 120 and at 140, no difference. I'd use 140, won't cause rotor warpage. When the dealers/repair shops/tire shops zip them on with their impacts some of them go past 200lb/ft and that will cause almost instant warpage. I hate having a shop take my wheels off. I've had them put them on so tight that I had to use a 3 foot breaker bar and jump on it to get the lug nuts off. It would have been impossible to change on the side of the road.
on trucks like that i usually will snug them up with a torque stick thats one step lower than what the vehicle calls for. then ill torque the lugs about 20ft-lbs under then go again to the right setting. i hate comebacks so i take the time to do things carefully the first time.
I think GM recomends a range for most of their cars. I'd go with what the owners manual says. Most mechanics seem to get most of their info from rumors, old timers and magic 8-balls these days. -T
Any setting from 110 to 150 ft-lbs is perfectly alright. nuts won't fall off at anything above 50 ! Factory says 140 so,,, use 140. Warpage is caused when there is a large variation from lugnut to lugnut. Bob
Always tighten the lugs, or the fastners on any multi fastner part in steps. Finger tight, Hand tight, then torque up in steps. many seals and gaskets will not seat properly, and same with your rotors if you tighten each nut fully before moving on to the next. Once agian it is dependant on craftsmanship.
Warpage is caused when there is a large variation from lugnut to lugnut. Bob
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