Question on copper readings

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Feb 6, 2010
I did 2 UOA ac delco 0w20 2608 KM copper was 8ppm(13131KM on car)iron was 3 , lead was 1ppm ..Next oci was 4535 KM using M1 AFE 0w20 copper is 11PPM (17669KM on car) iron was 1 lead was 0 should I switch back to 5w20?? flash point were normal 400+ no fuel dilution driving is usually highway. Vehicle is 2013 Chevy spark with timing chain. GM power train warrenty states it is OK to use 0w20 oil. what are your thougths?? I have 5w20 QSUD and Napa 5w20 synthetic for next 2 oci? Thanks Mike Z
Both of your analysis are still showing break in noise, the later of the two with most of it gone, i wouldn't draw too many conclusions between the two uoas since they are still early in the engine life.
How many miles on the oil and engine? It would be easier to analyse if you split out the different oils with miles on oil at each odometer reading with the complete analysis for each. What did the VOA analysis show?
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