Question on checking dipstick with Mobil 1

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Jun 22, 2003
Grand Forks, ND
I just had my oil changed a couple of days ago with Mobil 1 5W30 Super Syn. I just checked my dipstick today after the car had been sitting for aprox. 3 hours and it read just above the fill line. I have 94 Honda Accord EX with aprox. 92K. Is there a chance that all of the oil hasn't drained back into the pan?? I know that synthetics are supposed to stick to hot metal parts for a longer period of time than dino oil. Any advice?? I'm really worried about overfilling the engine by adding more Mobil 1.
All the oil will be in pan after that time. Almost all engines 10 mininutes is enough, though there are some out there which need 30 minutes or more in my experience (lots of nooks and crannies with oil pressure activated VVT) , but yours isn't one of them. Either way, an accord that has been sitting for 3 hours will give you an accuarte reading. Fred... [Smile] [ June 23, 2003, 09:53 PM: Message edited by: palmerwmd ]
I am pretty sure you mean it read just below the full mark? Just want to clear that up before everyone jumps in to reply. I don't see how any damage could occur from slight over filling. If you are not sure let it sit overnight and check it again. I usually wait only a few minutes after stoping when engine is hot (not luke warm) on my Chevy small blocks, and find I get an accurate reading. Its almost the same as when cold overnight. On my Harleys I find you need to check to see if some oil is in tank to be safe then ride about 5-10 miles as suggested in manual to get it hot then check. It may read down a pint when cold but at operating temp it is right on the full line.
Hmm, that would indicate you lost almost a quart (or whatever the difference between "fill" and "max" is in your case) of oil since the oil change. Did you make sure it was full to the MAX mark when you got the car back?
If it is down over a quart on the stick I would add a quart and then check again a while later. I have seen the dripping from a freshly run and checked engine amount to a cup to maybe even a pint after a few minutes but not a whole quart.
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