Question on brakes on 1997 Tahoe.

I got new breaks 4,000 miles ago and I noticed a pluse in my break peddle so I took it back and the shop said the rotors were warped and replaced them under warranty and new pads too. I do not drive the truck or break hard so I don't know why the rotors warped. Now here is my question. I was looking through the gaps in my rims at the new pads(you can just barley see them) and I remember seeing the pad right up against the rotor in the past but now the new pads are about 1/4th inch off the rotor wall and the pad surface is not flat but has an angle to it. The truck stops good and I don't think it is plusing anymore but when I stopped at home and inspected the new rotors through the gaps in my rims they were extreemly hot(I touched them for a fraction of a second and it burned me). So are those pads some different type or do I maybe have a problem again and do rotors get hot that fast normally? Thanks for the help!