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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
Terry, since you are experienced with using the Synergyn oil brand I was wondering if you could give me a recommendation on the drain interval for the first run of this oil. I just put in some Synergyn 5w-30 Performance Oil brand into my 2002 Honda Civic SiR which calls for 5w-20. As you may recall my car is in storage for winter, with the occassional drive on good weather days. After the car comes out From April to end of June I will put about 5000 miles on the car in this period. At the end of June I will use the car for a lapping day event at Gingerman Raceway (road course) in Michigan. It will be a five hour drive to the event, and a five hour drive back home with some sight-seeing along the way. The event is 8 hours long, with us getting one 15 minute heat every hour (8 heats per day). I will probably put on a further 1200 miles on the oil by going to the event and back home. So my question is should I change out this oil before the event with 5000 miles on it ?, or should I do the event with 5000 miles on the oil , adding a further 1200 miles to it with some hard driving. Total miles on the oil would be 6200 miles after the event. Let me know your opinion if possible, it would be greatly appreciated. I definitely want to analyze this oil as it is the first time I am using it. I want to do what is best. thanks very much Joey
Old post but I think it needs some attention. [Phone] Motorbike has posted their 3w-30 oil and it's very well built for those looking for a nice X-30 oil. I'd like to know a bit more about their other oils. [Cool] For $5.85qt, if that is correct, this looks like one great oil for the $. The chemist used to work for Amsoil back in the day. [stretch] [ March 15, 2004, 08:49 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Joey, analyze so you can KNOW how the oil holds up in the car.Thats the best thing to do. To specifically answer your question I would change the oil before the race as racing is hard on a street car let alone a pure race car. Then sample the raced synergyn and make sure it is suitable for continued street use after you get home. The 3w-30 formula I ran in Olds quad 4's did very well and in street engine I ran it 12,000 miles between changes. The 3w-30 is a great racing oil, the 5w-30 was more of a street oil in 1998 when we raced them. The formulas have been changed some but for the better in these unique oils. Terry
Originally posted by Terry: The formulas have been changed some but for the better in these unique oils. Terry
What exactly is unique about them?
On the formulas I know, reliance on ester based FMS,EP adds, thin weight technology when every dork in racing ws running too thick of oil, unique blends of petroleum and exotic ester bases,low TBN formulations with ashless dispersants,finally the Synergyn add. All at a reasonable cost. less than $7 a qt. All the major oil makers have copied them and a european company stole from them in the late 70's. No I'm not sure who it was.
I'd feel comfortable running synergyn for 7.5-10k miles, once it has been used for several changes. The additive chemistry is very robust and I particularly like their 3w-30 for the price ....I ran their 0w-20 and it hardly looked used after 6000 miles in my Tacoma .... If you live in Texas and can find Synergyn on the shelf, it's well worth a try .... Tooslick
If you live in Texas and can find Synergyn on the shelf, it's well worth a try .... [/QB]
i live in houston. does anyone know if it's easily available here? thanks. -michael
It is made in Durant Oklahoma which is about a rock throw from TX . Ask for Rowland Johnson . It's 70 bucks for a case of 12 in all the grades ...excepting the 0w-20 which is 101.00 I think you will find it costs less to buy direct unless a dealer is giving it way w/o markup . [ March 16, 2004, 10:46 AM: Message edited by: rugerman1 ]
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